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The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Does Valentines set off love alarms in your heart?  Does the word evoke the use of your love languages?  Who will be your Valentines this year? How will you and your loved one spend Valentines? Is your love comparable to that of a child, who is the true carrier of untainted love? If you have allowed yourself the freedom to freely love, would you agree that love is a necessary intangible that should be learned and demonstrated? How solid is your love for each other? These basic questions are just brain teasers to get you ready for the most romantic day of the year.

Did you know that love is a gift that should not be a well kept secret, but should be shared liberally? Let Valentine’s Day be a friendly reminder, of what we need in a generous proportion. Your demonstration of love to your significant others, will reflect a greater love, and that love will make us a greater people, ultimately resulting in a greater world. Some of us who are lovers at heart, and have lend our ears to love songs of the past, may remember a song by the same name “Put A Little Love In Your Heart And The World Will Be A Better Place” by Annie Lennox & Al Green. How fitting is this song for this celebratory time. Let love arise in our hearts to create a beautiful world that is good for our own existence.

If you plan to be a part of the celebratory Valentine’s family of lovers, it would be wise to start planning early.  Valentines triggers thoughts of love and somehow it needs no explanation. If you are married or involved in an intimate or promised covenant relationship, a fair question to ask is, what did I learn about my covenant or Valentine partner that will help me to improve or perfect my expression of love this Valentines?  

If your love is solid for an individual you usually desire the same of that person.  On occasion, this is not always the case. This is sad because true/untainted love is simply redemptive. When the moment of truth arrive this Valentines, with or without the full experience of love being reciprocated, give yourselves the freedom to entirely love another, because you are only in control of your own emotions, and Valentines is a safe time to test your ability to love unconditionally.  This is where your love speaks volume by saying “I choose to love versus I am a victim of love”. The size/cost of the gift does not equal the measure of the individual’s love for you, but it reflects the heart and spirit of the giver, so be a good recipient and receive with great appreciation and say so!

While the stores are preparing to help you with your gift of love you should know that a gift without love is just a demonstration of a ritual. When we hear the word Valentines, our hearts usually experience joy and anticipation of what we can do for our significant other, with the reciprocating thought of receiving in the same manner. This Valentine’s remember your significant other is expecting your best surprise.

The history of Valentine’s is not the most pleasant but it holds a place in history of the expressed love of a martyr which has touched the heart of most readers.  In the book of Galatians 5:22-23 it states that individuals who lives a Godly life, must possess and demonstrate the nine fruits of the spirit which are, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. With that said, to those who believe in Christ, love should be our daily crown in life’s glory, as we express the love of God to each other.

With love we will find great joy which brings us into the arena of peace. With peace we can endure suffering, and with peace and suffering we can be still and impart kindness/goodness to the hurting in a faithful manner and exude gentility as we are able to employ self-control. In view of these nine characteristics, it is apparent that love is the foundation or the magnet that keeps these characteristics etched in our lives. Valentines is also a good time to check our spiritual fruit trees, so to speak, to see what fruits are being produced.  

Love as it has been demonstrated toward man, is a feeling/freedom that is comparable to nothing else. Love is a perfect exchange and it is available to all and many will experience the truth of it. So as the day approaches, remember each person view love actions a little differently, so wrap your love in the package that is worthy to display the dept and purity of the heart that gives the best gift baring your signature.

Happy Valentine’s!

February 6th, 2015


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Shooting Birthday Star

birthday star

by Erma Washington

Many of us are like shooting stars that takes necessary breathers during our life time as we journey and connect with other stars along the way to our destined homes. Stars cluster together to create a happy atmosphere and in that atmosphere they validate each other and connect on a level that says we belong. Recently, a friend of mine shared her story with me as we sat down enjoying high tea. She talk about her friends which she described as a wonderful group of stars.

My friend had just celebrated a birthday and her account of the celebration created a brilliant setting for a low cost movie in my opinion. Here is her account of the event which she said was a month long celebration. At the end of the celebration she said she wrote a note of thanks to the group and this is the gist of the thoughts she share with the other stars in her cluster.

As the celebrated star of the cluster I shine my light brightly into your lives and hearts saluting you for your generosity toward me, by gifting me with the opportunity to have a shared birthday spanning an entire month. Simply put- I loved it! It was marvelous and purpose driven!

Historically, we the stars of this great cluster always find creative ways to bless each other or bless others around us. Clearly, this was a sweet blessing with great indulgence. This is why I can say we are like shooting stars because we are always actively engaged in serving each other.

I still laugh about the mastery behind the invitation asking me to drop in at the restaurant for breakfast and a presentation. I had reservations about the authenticity of the invite, but today, I can clearly say, it certainly delivered what it promised. This great celebration will go down in history as the day “the milestone gift was birthed”.

I was so pleased to know that this detailed planning was designed specifically for me and was an In-House Special, served to me with great care, wrapped in love, bundled in warmth, accompanied by unity and at the end of the journey, my Cinderella month ended in a standing ovation with great applause!

It was a time well spent because the days were filled with different kinds of events. A milestone sprint with friends, who freely shared the spotlight with me. The golden slipper fits much better than the silver simply donned with rubies. How inviting was the clustered journey that ended on the stairwell of a 30 days birthday bash guarantee. Only possible with this special group of women “my clustered friends”.

With such an imagery to sum up this great cause, a simple thanks would negate the depth of this stars appreciation, so to all the planning, plat-forming, staging, financing, & technology stars in my cluster, I truly thank you all for being in the same galaxy with me.

The many outings which kept the adrenalin pumping was like a youthful shower. For each of you in my galaxy you have celebrated with me one on one and the level of my appreciation is unspeakable. I was and will remain mindful that you had many other things seeking your attention but you committed yourselves to celebrate this milestone with me. Each of you near and far, made the commitment to connect with me and shared your thoughts, time, energy, laughter, money, food, space & a loving embrace to ensure success on this very special and personal journey with me. Know that I appreciate the photographic ingenuity behind the many different pictures which captured those moments that will enrich my personal archive for years to come.

Thank you does not do justice, but may that suffice as an acceptable reaction to your arms of love which you all extended to me so generously.
We have spent many years together which makes us look like clustering stars. They say a picture says a thousand words and with the family archive the pictures have spoken of all of us.

I close by saying when we gaze upon a shooting star we are usually unclear about the origin and also the destination. We are unsure about the fate of such a star, but shooting or not, it is still a star. To my clustering friends, you are like stars in my life because of the brightness of your lights.

May we stay clustered as a galaxy of stars, whose light lends itself to the other, that it is impossible to measure the brightness/dullness of any one star, because they are never separated long enough to be recognized as the star with the lesser light. One thing is for certain, when you look upon a shooting star, it is usually bright, so it is never mistakenly called anything else, but a shooting star! That what we are!

May the blessings of Abraham remain in your homes and families forever. A million thanks to everyone!!
Love and admiration for my galaxy group.
Happy belated birthday my friend!!

December17th, 2014

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Winter Blues Colors to the Rescue

winterThe winter months can be the most challenging season experienced by North Americans. Winter impacts our lifestyles and more than any other season it empowers us to engage in winter sports or challenge us to find some activities of interest to endure the chill of the winter months.

The face of winter brings on a feeling of gloominess but even in that, we are able to reflect on the other seasons of the year as much brighter and warmer. Winter blues are not easily overcome when we are faced with snow falls and debris, cold temperature, and a dullness that covers the sun.

During the winter months it is mentally more challenging to keep our emotionally charged attitude that would be helpful for us to decrease the feeling of being drained. It is in those emotionally drained moments, that we begin to entertain some thought-provoking ideas like, why did I not take a vacation this winter and what I would give to be on a sunny Island right now?

Thoughts like those, forces us to reach for something warm to wear while fostering the idea that nicer days are ahead. In the meantime, we look for ways to entertain ourselves. It may even be reasonable to say that in many Canadian households television viewing increases in the winter months.

Winter months can affect our mood and physical health. One of the reasons is the length of winter which appears to be one of the longest seasons with its unpredictability. In the winter months we experience a lack of sunlight, we choose darker clothing, coupled with challenging road conditions and the debris from the cares of winter. These factors make it difficult to sustain a feeling of warmth and happiness for any long period, and as such, our mood is negatively affected because many beautiful things around us fade.

One thing that seems therapeutic for those who may experience low mood swings is choosing brighter colors in their drapes, linen, bedding and attire. Brighter colors will not cure the blues but it will make for a more uplifting mood since light/bright colors draws light. Today if we really compare winters to what it was twenty years ago, we will see that the seasons are more unpredictable so purchasing managers have relaxed their merchandising style to remain trendy and valuable to meet the needs of North Americans.

With the change in trend we see that colors are a huge attitude warmer, especially for those of us who likes the sun and the brighter atmosphere. Over the last five to seven years, there has been a noticeable change in the presentation of the winter months where we have some warmer months sprinkled into the winter experience. It is a spirit lifting experiencing and the department stores are capitalizing on it, by carrying a wider variety of colorful merchandise during this season. Compare to a decade ago, winter clothing choices today are much more inviting.  Traditionally, from a retail perspective, if we wanted a winter vacation in a warm & sunny country we would have to do the bulk of our shopping in the summer to early fall months to ensure we get the right summer attire for our vacation splash. This is because department stores used to ensure they stock what is considered to be season appropriate items which traditionally, was mainly dark colors.

Now the seasons are more blended so the purchasing managers are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the seasons and stock merchandise that is more inviting color wise and a small percentage of seasonal clothing to meet the needs of their customers.

From a spirit lifting perspective, as consumers some of us like the more colorful merchandise, so we thank the designers for ramping up our choices in scarves, gloves, coats, purses, shoes/boots hats & earrings for our winter living.

Colors have found its way into our wardrobe and many of us welcome that. Colors have also change the look of the fleet of automobile industry where cars have a much more vibrant look. For many of us who work in offices and group settings it is a pleasure to see the more vibrant winter colors. The colors add brightness to the workplace and lift the spirit of our colleagues.

Colors are quietly dominant, and is now more acceptable where males are much more liberal in donning any color and it is fair game. While the Caribbean countries with the great sunshine is an attraction and also for the purpose of replenishing our Vitamin “D”, and we go for the dual purpose, it is true that in today’s market  “color sells” because it awakens the emotions.

Colors have weaved its way into winter months and designers have gradually introduced the idea that winter gears doesn’t have to be the traditionally dark colors but rather a mix of rich colors such as orange, green and fuscia to name a few.

The retail industry has always been purposeful in making decisions for us the consumers. Likewise to a great degree we have decided to trust the fashion industry to dictate to us what is hot and what is not. We embrace the decision on the part of the fashion industry because we now have the choice to wear colors in the winter which brightens our days and make winter a little more tolerable for those of us who just wants to shake the winter blues. Remember the attire we choose to wear is not for our eyes only but it can also enhance the experience of those around us.

Erma Washington
All rights reserved, no editing of material  except authorized by the author.
November 30th, 2014

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Remembering The Freedom of Flanders Field & Beyond

remembrance dayRemembrance Day has great historical significance for all Canadians who are enjoying the freedom granted to us by the commitment of many Canadians who died in war. In World War 1 & 2 many lives were lost and too few were spared to give an account of the pain and the harsh reality of war. Consequently, there is one specific historical account which is available to us based on a desperate plea of one man, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, a soldier, physician and poet of the First World War, asking us to “remember” as he invites us on a warrior’s journey explaining what happens on the front line with these fallen soldiers as he explain to us in a riveting Poem known as “In Flanders Field”.

War has many faces but for prisoners of war they often wish for a sudden stop in their life’s clock because nothing could truly prepare these brave men and women for the harsh reality of war. Can you imagine the myriad of emotions experienced by POW’s when sudden death is not even an option? This is why we should remember the freedom of Flanders Field. Realistically, a soldier really doesn’t fight for his or her own freedom as much as he/she fights to bring comfort to those in the homeland. This act of bravery is comparable to a life insurance policy where the policy owner is really just a medium for contribution because it’s the survivors who will obtain the benefits. As their beneficiaries, we say to our fallen comrades & their families we salute their life’s commitment and loyalty to their country.

For those who have survived the grip of sudden death with their life’s clock calibrating the measure of their lifespan, what sights, sounds and determination gripped their mortal bodies as they physically depart from that place where they died emotionally. Many of our heroes never recover from their mental prison which often catapults them to engage in different survival modes. Some often seek ways to numb the pain of living. For these soldiers the war may be over physically, but mentally the battle was never hotter.

As we remember these brave individuals, we do so by giving recognition to them because their life clocks stopped suddenly resulting in the greatest loss to their family and to our society. We also will continue to remember the pain of the families who are also prisoners mentally, holding on to the last memory of a son or daughter who bid their last goodbye with a warm embrace fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

It is unfortunate for many of these families this last goodbye was forever. Though there is a harsh reality that war could result in death, a soldier who is deployed, armed with a heart of hope, is not wishing to die but hoping for “a door of escape” but instead is faced with nothing but bloodshed and death. On that day when family members get their visitation informing them of the death of a loved one, there is a deep pain in the heart of some parents, spouses, children & family members wishing they had physically died along with these men and women in uniform.

Healing from this pain is not inevitable so while many struggle with the numbness of what seem to be an unending battle they simply ask us, the recipient of the life and sacrifices of those who died for the cause to “please remember”. Today it is not business as usual, rather it is the day when Canadians choose to recognize what we all have in common, which is “many of our promised politicians, doctors and engineers died in battle to pay for our freedom”. So in saying thanks we need to let the light of “hope” remain ignited in our hearts by remembering their ultimate sacrifice. They paid with their only real commodity (their lives) and indirectly they also surrendered the lives of their families who are left behind to count the cost.  

In Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem he charged us to remember, when he wrote these words of conviction in paragraph three of the poem In Flanders Field-The torch be yours to hold it high, if ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Fields. On November 11th, let us Canadians tip our hats and hearts of gratitude to those who died too soon and those who lived to mourn their fallen comrades for a gift undeserved, but hold dearly the freedom it offers. This day In Flanders Field deeply embedded in the soil is the blood stain of many of our fellow Canadians whose life clocks came to a sudden stop so we can rest well knowing that the shores of our great country is safe. My fellow Canadians let us salute these brave men and women, who refused to count the cost but choose instead to pay for our freedom at such great cost!

May God continue to bless this county!

“Please Remember”


November 11th, 2014.

All rights reserved. No editing of material unless authorized by author.  

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Autumn Smile

autumn smileAutumn change introduces smiling colors.

As the soft breeze swirls through the fragile leaves,

Soon autumn colors decorate the earth.

The trees now gather in a familiar phase.


Each season reflect a recurring theme, with singing birds and waterfalls.

Like a parent, trees give birth to leaves in their season knowing their life is but a whisper.

With autumn approaching trees resists change during sporadic warmth yet autumn triumph valiantly

Bloomless tree standing in a season of transition as their leaves becomes disconnected.


Trees displaying autumn smile says goodbye to detached leaves.

Leaves once hanging from their seasonal birthplace now lose their usefulness.

Trees shed their responsibility of nourishing their leaves.

As the trees rest in the coolness of a season they stand void of apparent beauty.


When autumn reaches its seasonal peak, trees stand bare, oh such bitter weeping.

Parenting trees mourn the change but salute the promise because autumn smile means preservation.

In a short and predictable fashion, autumn leaves are blown away.

Life disappears for just one season only to return for yet another season.


When autumn smile, roots are being nourished, while each tree displays a quiet disposition.

Trees know that their cycle of earth’s connectivity usually mark the sight of spring’s beauty.

In the right season trees proven fertile, sweetly display their beautiful blossoms.

As a maiden gives birth to her young, so do the trees in springtime.


At the arrival of spring each leaf starts to spread at the taste of freedom.

Together they sing happily as they shimmer in the wind.

As nature offers each budding leaf a familiar seasonal home,

They clap in glee knowing that autumn will smile again in its recurring season.



To God Be the Glory! 09.09. 2010. E. Washington.

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Source: Kristin Smith

A mother’s prayers, is like milk to a babe, captured by God, greatly honored. A mother knows, her milk of prayer, is God’s deposit, to nourish the weak. A mother’s heart, beats twice as fast, as she sprints through life’s enduring maze.  A mother’s touch, says “it is well” with a silent resilience, only mothers possess. A mother’s role, significant and true, compared to the earth, relevant and present. Why then does this world thirsts for such a mother? 

Can the world not hear her groaning? Children with an ear, to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying to our world through mothers. These are the mothers, “who stand to their charge” with wisdom to change any course. Because they pray as mothers of a different source!

A crying child, an ageing parent, a nation weeping, a prayer yet to be released! On bending knees, tears hailing from their hearts, they are crying to God, on our behalf. This vision captured, by their children in waiting, forced to reveal such vision to the lost.

 A mother creates the rules, lives by the rules, established the rules and maintains her position. So ask yourselves this question and compel yourselves to answer. Are you a biological, adopted, spiritual, community, grandmother to the plus or a stepmother?

A mother with a prayer foreshadows all of the above. Because a mother with a prayer, is a mother, of a different source!

Author: Erma Washington

May 12, 2013

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pinThe measure of a mother holds, the full authority, of a clanging javelin, chiseled in boundless love. A mother earns a virtuous position, during seasons of her fruitfulness, which cannot fade away. So in her position of authority, you cannot override, since life demands of her to thrive by enduring motherhood.  The experience of empty nesting is often a foreshadowing to the birth of another generation.  A mother embraces this lifetime privilege, to wear the measure of a mother, keeping her position, with all the hidden trials.

A mother knows in the eyes of her children, their measure says, she is unshakeable, so she cannot disappoint.  So she lives most days by her adrenalin rush, to honor her position and boost her loving touch. The measure of a mother says, she is tireless, so that is why, on fading days there is greater care to the children that she bears.  She ignores life’s pain with great courage, basking fearlessly, while her children rest in the comfort of her abilities.

As a mother’s measure grows in grace, she assures herself of the benefits, of holding such great virtue. This mother knows that buried deep within the heart of every little girl, the desire to know, that her time will come for recipes, and long phone calls, as she prepares to serve her honored guests. For in the days or weeks to come, this little girl will find a way, to make her mother proud to know that she too is a chosen one, to carry life’s precious gift, to take a position in a mother’s league, now she will be measured by a mother’s torch,  for she knows the role with a longing heart, but by her strength, you wouldn’t know, that she is uncertain of the call, but trying never change the game, but make the role a fight.      

A mother simplifies her role, since there is no changing of the guard, we do not see her uniform, with all the hidden paint. So save the compliment till then, because the sun still shines in a mother’s heart. And  with the passing on of time, a mother change her title deed, before her journey ends, Each mother has changed her game of life, yet no one saw the shift. The secret of a mother’s game is to authorize her own position.  So honored are our mothers, women who gave life to the world. This means her riches have been shared, with those who came to stay a while, but then refused to leave. So sons and daughters cheer your mothers, and with the dawn of each new day do not forget that Grace has brought our mothers, to a greater measure. Because mothers know they hold the keys, to what is hidden deep within, the silent care of just being our mother. So blessed be the woman who has the measure of a mother!

Signed: Erma. Washington (April 21st 2014)

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When Your Success Appears Impossible Infuse It With Resilience


What can we say about resilience except “some of us need a greater level of it”. A life lived with much resilience is the impetus of success and very few will disagree with the statement. Lineage may override the need for a life of resilience, which sometimes happen in cases where one was born into a “bed of comfort” if you may, resulting in the lack of spark to ignite the need for such individuals to develop a life of resiliency. Naturally, if we were born into wealth, marry into wealth or inherit wealth, then we don’t have to do much more to make a name for ourselves or to be considered significant in the business community, because all that we need can be purchased or we can trade to acquire that which we desire.

Many self-made millionaires will tell you, that they have arrived at this place because they put on the armour of resilience and worked/toiled into the early hours of the morning, to achieve their wealth since they didn’t have the lineage that would override the need for resilience. This process known as resilience is not only embedded in the character of the rags to riches group but it is also found in devoted parents, caregivers, detectives, students, non-status immigrants and a struggling/successful business owner to name a few. If we had the opportunity to talk to any of the above mentioned classified group, we would realize that there is a measure of resilience behind most success stories. Continue reading

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Every morning when we wake up, we are blessed, without us doing anything. Isn’t it an amazing feeling when we realize it? Shall we do something to spread the blessing? Do something from the virtue, the goodness of your heart. If you decide to give money to the poor guy wandering around the corner, don’t question if he’s gonna use the money for anything. If you decide to help a friend out of some trouble, don’t question if he would take advantage of your deed. Once you decide to do something good, do it with your good heart. You will be blessed.BlessedCover2

Blessed is the Man

He who knows he’s blessed, his soul is likewise.

He, who is a blessing, partakes in eternity.

Truly, The Spirit says blessed is that man!

But he, who withholds a blessing, hinders his own inheritance.


He, who keeps God’s promises, craves the master’s heart.

He who seeks the master’s will is bound by the master’s covenant.

Truly, The Spirit says blessed is that man!

But he who changes the promised code, delight in endless pain.


He, who knows he’s blessed, knows he shares the master’s treasure.

He, who kept the law of the proverbs, oversees the living treasury.

Truly, The Spirit says blessed is that man!

But he, who murmurs, discontinues life’s true legacy.


He who is blessed simply knows he is.

He, who knows the measure of his blessing, is charged with using an unworthy scale!

And he, who resorts to a form of measure, tries to activate God’s muted option.

Truly, can such a man say he is blessed?


Sign: Erma. Washington


July 14, 2010


All rights reserved. No editing allowed unless authorized by the author.


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Each season of the year has unique possibilities but spring represents a welcome change from the cold winter months. The arrival of spring says soon there will be life in the garden again. One of our major spring activities is gardening which has many benefits such as, personal therapy, some stretching and bending exercises, socializing and the greatest of all is that, gardening adds beauty to our lawn and homes by enhancing curb appeal. 

Tulips are among the many variety of flowers some avid gardeners love as perennials, mainly because of their longevity and cost saving ability. They are also popular because of their color variations, which adds beauty to our garden and is a great moral booster. For this reason, many of us are encouraged to spend time and money on our garden. Furthermore, tulips are not only beautiful, but they are also one of the prominent markers of the first sign of life in our garden in the early spring. Continue reading

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