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H-Day Report – Life Experience. Hope you find it helpful


experience“I am currently experiencing unprecedented growth in my professional life, but it has come with at a great cost. I left a path that I had walked for 28 years that was very comfortable for me. I loved the Company, my peers, my daily activity and it rewarded me handsomely.
When I decided to go in another direction I was filled with a mixture of excitement, positivity, fear and ambivalence, (what a unstable cocktail of emotions).

It has only been 7 months since I made the transition and now I have hit critical mass, and the flood gates have opens up and it has started raining pennies from heaven. Along the way I have learned some valuable life’s lessons that I would like to share with my friends and family that may help you when deciding to make a major decision to change the path you’re currently walking. I hope the can empower you as they have me. Here are my top 5 lessons not necessarily in order.

1. Determine where you want your new direction to take you. 

I believe we are greatly benefited when we have a clear concise picture of where we want to end up. Most importantly is, how do we want to feel ? When shifting directions and traveling our new path to accomplish our new goals what are the accompanying emotions ? Happiness ? Pride ? Security ? Spiritual connectedness ? Prosperous ? When we identify the emotions we desire from the new action we are taking, and focus on feeling those things now, we are catapulted into our new life.

2. Identify the sacrifices are we willing to make to go in this new direction. 

When we say yes to our new direction, that means we automatically say no to some of the things that we were comfortable with when walking our old path.

Sometimes this means compromising our values. Things like time away from our loved ones, modicum our diets, loosing sleep, having less time in the gym. In truth, sometimes it’s necessary to go out of balance, to find our balance. We must be willing to take a step back so we can take two steps forward.

3. Work like there ain’t no prayer, and pray like there ain’t no work. 

It is important to note that I am not talking about any particular religious practice here. Anyone involved in any religious practice including atheist and agnostic’s can take advantage of this powerful principal. This principle you can find in many holy Scriptures, for example in James 2:14-26 we find :For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

4. Get out of the comfort zone.

Remember that the only time we feel gravity is when we try to jump. We must anticipate that shit will go wrong and things will start to fall apart before they come together. When things get tough we cannot run. We must walk into the challenges.

5. Last but not least, Never, Never, Never give up !

The temptation to quit and go back to what’s comfortable will be strong, especially when things get tough. Keep in mind that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

Just a few random thoughts.this is just my personal experience. I hope you find it helpful.”

- From Mike

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