Quote: I will prepare and some day my chance will come. – Abraham Lincoln

Quote by Tim Fargo

When we were babies, we must eat, eat and eat, so as to build up stronger arms and legs to move around, rather than limited to the cribs.

When we started to speak, we must know the sound, the alphabet, the vocabulary and the expression, so as to communicate properly.

When we learn to sing, we must learn the notes. A line from my favorite movie Sound of Music reads, “when you read you begin with A B C, when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi…”

In order to compete on the highest level in sports, the athletes must prepare themselves by creating more intense practice sessions, heavier workload and more repetitions to excel.

To become famous artists, one must start from the mundane foundational sketches, living through being neglected, practicing consistently to shine.

At our daily workplace, in order to get the pay raise or promotion, we must do our homework, expand our competences and increase our experience to be recognized.

However, what if all the overload exercise, the repetitive practice and the continuous improvement does not guarantee the winning, which is the reality often times?

Remember, without the preparation of the caterpillar, there will be no butterfly; without the preparation of the egg, there will be no chicken; without the preparation of the acorn, there will be no big oak. Have faith in the fire burning in your heart. Believe that all that you do, no matter they bring you the results you are looking for or not, you are growing in the process. Life is a long preparation for something that never happens. (William Butler Yeats). The reason we celebrate life is to celebrate that it happens.

Happy Attitude Nourishes Harvest!

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