Quote: Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems. – Brian Tracy

Quoted by Jamy Bechler

Let’s have an experiment. Hold your hand, either left or right, in front of your eyes, an inch away. Spread your fingers apart. Now look at your fingers and tell me what you see. “Fingers”, right? Now look afar, through the gaps between the fingers and tell me what you see. “Anything other than the fingers.” Is that right? When we turn our focus away from the fingers, we see a lot more stuff afar and the fingers even can’t block our vision.

I think this is a simple analogy of looking ahead.

Another situation. If you are the manager of your department, one of your staff is always late for work. You want to remind her to be on time. You sit face to face and you ask,

“Hi Tracy, why are you always late?”

“Because I need to drop off my kids at school before coming to work and by the time I get on the bus, no matter what I do, I can only be here 20 minute behind.”

“Why can’t you leave a little earlier?”

“The school doesn’t open until 8am, so that’s the earliest I can drop them off.”

Does the conversation sound like interrogation? Do you think the answer relates to how Tracy can be on time to work? Not likely. The more questions are asked, the more issues are revealed.

We all have this kind of inclination to look at the problem and analyze, with the hope to find the answers. However, as one of the leading coaching methodology, Solution-focused coaching originating from Solution-focused Brief Therapy, states that “the solution is not necessarily directly related to the problem.”, instead, the solutions lies in our preferred state, the moment/situation when we do not have the problem any longer. When we have a clear picture of how we would be when the problems no longer exist, we can work backwards to find out how we can get there. Was there any past experience that we can draw upon, or what needs to happen for us to clear the problem.

When we focus on the problems, they will only become more intimidating and serious. When we focus on the solutions, we will see the situation differently and become more creative and motivated to come up with more solutions.

Leaders won’t create excuses to get away. They only embrace challenges to triumph.

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