Quote: A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love. – Mother Teresa

Quoted by Tim Fargo

There’s a saying in Chinese, “Your words resemble your heart.” There is also an idiom, “a slip of tongue.” What do these words mean? We must watch our words. However, as true as it is, no matter how carefully we watch our words, if our heart in not pure, the real intention will ultimately disclose itself sooner or later.

We reveal what we think. You can try an experiment. Now, please think about a lemon, or a lime, to make it better, the fresh, juicy lime. Is your mouth watering? On the reverse side, we can trick our brain to help us become more motivated and persistent. That is why in coaching, especially, Solution-focused coaching, the coach helps the coachee to create a preferred future, so vivid, with as much details as possible, which makes the coachee’s brain believe that their desired change has actually taken place. The happiness, satisfaction, peace, content, and the positive side of life are so vivid, that it is hard to resist keeping it up.

Saying these, we all have experienced what has become a cliché. Think happy thoughts and we will become happy. Think loving thoughts and we will become tolerate, accepting, understanding and inclusive. The good news is that as it says, “All things have two sides.” Believe it or not, as long as you are mindful enough to find out. For example, if you were left out from a department meeting, instead of letting the worry that you are in trouble haunting you for the rest of the day, why not think about less responsibilities to take on further. (I am a workaholic, so I would like to take on more responsibility, but I also enjoy periodic leisure time.). Remember if it is bad news, it is happening any way, not any worry can change it; if it is good news, it better comes more frequently, right? At least, the worry will not ruin the very moment of your life.

Neuroscience has proved that our brains acknowledge perceptions the same way as real pictures, meaning, if you perceive an achievement of some kind, your brain actually regards that it has happened. I think this can be another one explanation of the Laws of Attraction.

Having a loving heart helps us bypass the hindrance, surpass the resentment and compass confusions and lost. It fills our lives with moments of compassion, empathy, rapport and contentment. No wonder we will have a joyful life.

Happy Attitude Nourishes Harvest!

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