Quote: Any eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. – Mahatma Gandhi

The only time that you should get even with someone is when they do something good. – Jamy Bechler @CoachBechler

It is Friday. TGIF. It is a day to celebrate after the uphill and downhill of a whole work week. If everyone is given the same rights, then everyone should have the same opportunity to live Friday the way they want. But it is not the same to the at least 200 refugees out of Libya.

I heard from the news this morning that out of Libya on the Mediterranean Sea, 2 boats full of refugees sunk and over 200 people lost their lives, with a certain number of pregnant women and children. My first reaction was shock. “Not again.” I pray for those lost lives. Wish them rest in peace. No more fleeing. No more threatening. No more risking. All ends at that moment.

After attending the 6 Degree Conference this September, I started to follow certain people on Twitter, like some special correspondents, MSF, AJ English Channel, I learned about the bombing in Aleppo , Syrian refugees, mistreatment to the black. What is wrong with the world? What is the purpose of those who elevate their own power fights or personal preference to the sacrifice of normal people, their peer humans? Nobody says you should save the world. But if everyone, literally, everyone manages his/her own business, does the right thing, and cares about the consequence of his/her doings, the world can be a much better place.

On Twitter, I saw Gandhi’s above quote posted by Jamy Bechler. What if people can really open their eyes and minds, read the words and reflect on their doings?

It is easier said than done. However, we can always do something. When it comes to war or regional conflicts, the root cause is nothing but selfishness and ignorance. No matter how grand or religious or righteous is claimed, the truth that cities are rooted, people are killed and economy is ruined, can not be denied. It is the outrageous selfish that blinds the eyes and block the hearts of some people to the sufferings and pains of peer humans. The war creators only have eyes for their power, their proclamation of righteousness, their status and their financial interests. Have they ever thought about what the purpose is to occupy acres and acres of land without livelihood of people? Have they ever thought about what the purpose of becoming the controllers of an area without peace, nothing but rubble, wreckage and blood? Even when they become the controllers, death and aging are not going to surrender to them. The excessive power and money won’t buy them any extra day. Instead of creating chaos and tragedy in the years of their livelihood, please act the way that they proclaim to keep world peace, generate prosperity and practice love which is being accommodating, acceptance and caring.

A little a time towards world peace.

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