If you aren’t big enough to stand criticism, you’re too small to be praised. – Earl Deason
Quoted by Tim Fargo

I am very self-conscious about different opinions. If I spend time drafting something, when someone points out things they want to change their way, I will become irritated, especially when these are only minor styles rather than something must be changed. I notice my attitude change, so I suggest to continue further conversation some other time.

After a few minutes of calming down, I couldn’t help but laughing at my stubbornness. What is the big deal of changing it. Why not do what they like. At least the other people are happy and I have nothing to lose.

I know why I become irritated when such thing happens. First, I think too much of my work. I hold the principle that if it is not critical, no need to waste time making the change. Second, unless you have a better idea, why should I listen to you. Third, I did the work so I know it better than you, who on earth are you jumping up critique me?

Considering Earl Deason’s words, I am not big enough to take criticism. On the one hand, I think too much of self. As per James Allen said in his work As A Men Thinketh, we separate ourselves from happiness and content when we only focus on self. Narcissists live in their own world, self admired but lonely. On the other hand, I put too much attention on other’s opinions and take them personally. The moment I hand over the controlling power, my world tilted. I need to regain my control. It is a power struggle.

Separate persons from things, separate feelings from realities. We need the right reactions to criticism and praise, so that we won’t feel hurt facing criticism and won’t feel inflated receiving praise.

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