The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become. – Mark Twain
Quoted by Chuck Canady

I remember a commercial I watched on TV a few years ago. On a snowy, icy cold day, a tank truck filled with beer parked outside a convenient store beside the gas station. There was this enticing picture of a sparkling beer glass fill with bubbling bear, covered with water drops from the cold cold bear inside. A man was so attracted to the picture and approaching the truck, so the truck driver reminded him, yelling, “Don’t touch the truck! Don’t touch the truck!”, several times. Despite the repeated reminder, the man couldn’t help but licking on the surface of the tank. Guess what? You know it. His tongue got stuck on the metal surface. The more we say don’t, the more likely people will do. How amusing!

Forbidden, sometimes refers to reminders to take precautions, such as “Don’t touch the truck.”; sometimes refers to status of exclusivity, such as the “Forbidden City” in China, which used to be the exclusive residence of the aristocracy; sometimes refers to taboos, which is how euphemism is created. In a word, the purpose of forbidden is to keep away.

It is funny that people are willing to do anything to keep certain information away from being known, creating the forbidden area. Lucky enough they can survive the undisclosure. However, what if the forbidden was broken and the information leaks? It can be quite embarrassed, and even devastating.

The 2016 US Presidential election is such an amazingly crafted and directed drama if there has ever been a play writer and a director. Nobody knows what the next development of the plot is. Things got disclosed with unbelievable speed and timing. Neither of the candidates needs to spend time writing their autobiographies. Their history, their experience and their hidden stories have all been dug out of the forbidden area, becoming popular propaganda. Furthermore, people who got involved in the disclosure, the leak, the spreading, all become popular. If the candidates are able to manipulate the situation like this even before they have the power, what else will they do when they are in power? If half of everything they claimed on the rivalry is true, will the Americans trust their country with the jokers, or plotters or players? The forbidden can create history; it can also break power.

Risky but entertaining. Are we talking about a country’s most serious event?

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