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H-Day Report – A Big Day for the Big Man


bob marley

It is a big day for you, isn’t it? All your dreams, your future and your ambition will be on the stage for another time. It is your time to shine. It is your time to rise up. It is your time to be known. It is your time to explode.

Along the way, you’ve taught me so much and so deeply.

It takes tremendous courage to face live’s challenges of various kinds and still keep moving on.
It takes grand patience to see a tiny progress and still celebrate as it comes.
It takes a real man to hold the vision so high, so clear and so strong, that nothing can stop you.

You are not perfect, but you have never stopped getting better. You are not the smartest, but you always think with your head. You can be tough from time to time, but behind that high standard, I know there’s the most gentle and nicest heart.

It is your passion in spreading the good, your vision of becoming the best, and your experience from various defeats, that build your bones, strengthen your will and clear your eyes. It is that burning desire to do your best, the unbroken faith in us and the most cheerful attitude that elevate you day to day.

Today, you are on the stage to present the best you, to spread the best practice, to extend the best inspiration. You are the champion! You are the Number One! You are who you are! Change the world to a better place.



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