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Friday WDR |Weekend Development Report|IF YOU EXPECT TO SUCCEED, YOU’LL SUCCEED



Success-Pic-RThe dreams you choose to believe in come to be.
When you feel in your innermost being that you will achieve what you set out to do, you open the way for miracles.
Choose to believe something good can happen. Expecting it to happen energizes your goal and actually gives it momentum.
What you expect to happen, happens. Life responds to your outlook.
If you want to succeed beyond your wildest expectations, you have to begin with some wild expectations.




Awaken the Hanh in you

Han Consulting

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H-Day Report – Mountains are climbed one step at a time


Everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were. Your opportunity for success is right in front of you.

To attain success or to reach your goal, don’t worry about having all the answers in advance. You just need to have a clear idea of your goal and move toward it.

Don’t procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem. Break your problems into parts and handle one part at a time. Like Robert Herjavec, Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder of Herjavec Group, said,

“The worst thing you can do is do nothing…Action is better than inaction. If you stay on the mountain and do nothing, you will freeze to death. You have to try, fail, learn, do it over in order to grow. You have one life to live and it’s time to stop making excusing and start making progress.”

Develop a tendency toward action. You can make something happen today, even if it is to get up 5 minutes earlier, or to clean up the top drawer, or to smile to one more person, or to write one paragraph, or and or, there must be that small thing you can make happen today. It is like how we learned to speak, one word or phrase or sentence at a time and we started to speak. Break your big plan for success into small steps and take the first step right away.

Success starts with a first step.

Get out there and take actions.

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M|M|C Report – What if you know you will win …

you win



What’s the point in trying if you keep telling yourself you are going to lose?

At the end of my workout program, the trainer said something that set me into thinking.  She said, “When you set your feet to do something, what will you feel when you know that you will win?” That was such a powerful question that can create transformation.

If this question is too far for you to get hold of, then think about the following closer questions:

  • Before you start your road trip, you already know the route, even if the alternative routes, what will that make you feel?
  • Dancing is your passion and you have been practicing diligently for three months, you can perform with your eyes closed, what will that make you feel on the day of the performance?
  • You get a parking ticket for non-payment. However, you have the receipt in your wallet and you know that you paid the parking. On the day of the court appearance, what will you feel facing the judge?
  • You have been practicing for the marathon, but you know that as long as you run pass the finish line, you win. On the day of the race, even if you are the last one passing the finish line, what will you feel?
  • ……

You feel relaxed on your field trip, because you’ve made more than enough preparations to know the road, the traffic, the gas stations, the service stations along the route and many more, so no matter what happens, you know you won’t be abandoned on the road.

You feel great presenting your dance to the audience, because you are dancing with your passion and diligence. You know each and every move as the palm of your hand. You are winning the audience, so how possible that you fail?

You feel confident facing the judge, because you have the evidence to prove that the claim should be dropped and it was a wrong done to you. The receipt is the proof that you are a good citizen, and you are not abusing the system. Keeping the evidence makes you assured that you will win.

You feel accomplished, because you do your best and fulfilled your words. There can only be one champion, but for yourself, you are the champion in the end.

“When you set your feet to do something, what will you feel when you know that you will win?”

With sufficient preparations, passions and diligence, track and proof, and proper goal-setting, you set yourself up to win at the beginning.

Picture yourself win at the end. What will you do differently then that you are not doing right now?

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W|D|R – You are a positive person. Period

out-of-your-headHappy Friday, Champs!  This is a shorter week (4 working day).  What has been better since Tuesday? Have you been keeping your fitness plan? Have you kept smiling as much as you can? Have you found a more effective way at work? Have you been mindful of what you are looking at, the right or the wrong? If you like what you life is now, keep doing what you have been doing that makes it satisfied; if you want to make some changes, take small steps leading to the big result. Life is a journey, each of us is a passenger. We don’t know what we are gonna meet at the next crossing, but we always have the choice to see the good and feel happy or see the bad and feel down; more so, we always have the choice to see the bad, acknowledge it and move on, or be sucked deeper and zapped out of our energy. It is a matter of the angle where we see it from. If you are tired of what you are looking at, change an angle, you will be able to see a new view.

It is natural for us to notice the bad, the wrong, the threats and the danger. Without being so vigilant, human beings might not be one of the longest surviving and existing species. Our ancestors kept watching out for the predators, the attacks, the imminent dangers, and even exaggerated them, just to get ready for fight or flight, for survival. The watch out helped them understand the situation, learn the strategies to survive and avoid possible harms. Nowadays, we don’t have to hunt, but the strategies still apply. Like it says, every set back is a lesson for us to be stronger. Every challenge is an opportunity to train our physical and mental muscles. A great warrior must be the one who was defeated the most.

Think about it, what would you like better, candy or medicine, a sunny day or a gloomy day, a smiley face or a sad face, a laugh or a yell? The thing that you like must the thing that makes you relaxed, happy, satisfied and want more. In this way, you are a positive person. Period. You are able to notice the better feelings and want more. Therefore, when you are feeling down, when you start to complain, be aware of the unwanted feelings you experience right there right then. If you want to shrug it off, you always know what to do. We are part of the nature, we are like most of the plants, we thrive in the sun, so step out of the shadow and get some sunshine.

Read more about how to get out of the rumination, get our of your head, by Alice G. Walton, a contributor of Forbes.

7 Science-Backed Methods To Get You Out Of Your Head

The weekend is coming. Go out and get some sunshine. If it snows, then be sunshine for someone else.

Have a sunny weekend, Champs!

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H-Day Report – Do you remember you have the choice?

choiceHappy Hump Day! Is it too hard to smile thinking of going to work? Is it too hard to get out of bed thinking about the bitter coldness outside? Is there times when you feel nothing in life but down? Do you remember you have the choice? The choice to see the good things in everything, the choice to realize the light at the end of the tunnel, the choice to feel the happiness from the little things, the choice to be yourself, even the choice to feel sad knowing that it is your choice.

It is so relieving to know that we have the choice. It is so empowering knowing that we have the control of our lives. No matter we choose to stay in the gutter or get out of the misery as fast as we can, or make intentional decision to take the brighter path, all and all is our choice.

If the job you are at is not satisfactory, you can stay feeling frustrated and you gonna live one day at a time anyway, in despair; or you can take the initiative to talk to your supervisor about more responsibilities or create more effective ways to deal with your workload and enjoy having the ability to put the bread on the table; at the meantime, finding something worthwhile to do in your spare time. Or you can simply choose to leave. Either leave or stay, feeling despair doesn’t make anything better.

If you feel your relationship is not working, you can stay grudging, complaining and feeling unsatisfied, a day is still a day; or you can do something about it, anything that will make yourself feel empowered, such as better communication, more understanding and appreciation. Or you can choose to end the relationship. Either continue or end, it is your choice to stay in the situation where you are. Complaining, feeling unsatisfied won’t bring the other person any closer to you.

If you want to become more healthy, you can keep feeling bad about the pains here and there in your body and doing exactly the same thing as usual, no exercises, comfort food, irregular diet; or start to adjust your schedule and diet little by little.

If you want to have financial security, you can still shop as you like and regret at month-end; or you intentionally remind yourself of the freedom of having no debt and start to save.

These are what Dr. Stephen R. Covey called “Be proactive”, what Debbie Ford called “Conscious decision”, what Dr. Wayne W. Dyer called “Breaking the ‘given thoughts'” and what Brian Tracy called “Take action and live”.

We are so used to react under the unconscious mode. Taking the easy way is so much easier than breaking it. However, if you want to have an extraordinary life, if you want something different in your life, you must break the old so that the new can come in. The breaking requires intention, awareness, willingness, perseverance and imagination.

Even if you land on your face, you are still moving forward.

– Victor Kiam

Your life is like a mirror in your hand. If you smile, it smiles back at you.

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Black Understanding is Liberating

black history month

While in chains, I, a slave, recognized that black is not only skin deep, but it is also a language, a status, a legacy, an origin, and an understanding. For many of us, slaves, the understanding never comes. For a slave starting in a colored place requires great understanding of how to remain spiritually alive, while his origin chains him to recognize his blackness.

As I matured, I gained some knowledge which taught me the freedom and power of understanding. In my time of transition and spiritual growth, I used to ask myself, what should black means to me? Consequently, I knew that if I was given the opportunity, I would confidently deny my own existence? In my quest for an answer, with no one to aid me in resisting the stigma of my blackness, I believed in the foolish notion, that black is where I find my identity and carrying the consciousness of it was quite burdensome.

Sleeping as a slave is painfully questionable, since I often pondered what color is my rest? Should I not have the privilege, to revel in the superficial state of unconsciousness called sleep? If black frames my sleep, awake my soul your sleep is without reward. While sleep is freedom for all men, black sleep I do not need, so I questioned why the nights are so long. Oh how I wondered what white nights are like? I worked the land from a conscious threshold, but feared the nights because the days are coming too soon. My muscles ached, my hands bled so the freedom of sleep and rest my body could not embraced.

I am that slave, a man desiring to dream, but colored life had swallowed me, so I remained crippled by my blackness. I am black, that is my legacy, my origin, my language, and my understanding, while I live with the courage that black is my status.  I live with the enemy of being black, because that is my story.

As a slave, I am convinced that my black skin is an offence to some, but still I had to live to live again. I shared this world but not equally, because I never made an impact on another, because I am black. The pain of blackness in my spirit is from my secret longing to be free from the domain of slavery, but who can escape the endless will, of those who have no charge? Why did I dream of human worth knowing that black is my painful home.

It was a fine line to thread, and my defining moment came when understanding spoke aloud, and hit my spirit deep within. It was in that moment I found the key, which freed my soul from the chains of slavery. I understood that my blackness was not my destiny, but my descriptive journey to freedom and liberation. With understanding, I choose to set my soul on a journey to freedom, as I elevate my thoughts toward my people, yes, my people, slaves, living without understanding.

Thank God, I was spiritually freed by my understanding, and peacefully resigned myself to wearing the scars of a slave. I know that when I cease to be no more, I have died the death of a slave. I understand that in the existence of a slave, the date of birth and the date of death, is synchronized to a single point, which only equal zero, so to this end, I will request, of those who have no charge, on the day when I am laid to rest, there is no reason for a decorative headstone, because this slave, which passed away, as I understood, was never really here!

February 1st, 2015.


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W|D|R – Happy Valentine’s Day, Me!

self-loveWith roses bouquets filling the stores, with heart-shaped chocolates filling the bags, with the flowery scent perfume filling the air, we see pink and red all over, we see hearts every where, we are welcoming another February 14, Valentine’s Day, the most romantic and loving day of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you going for a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Are you planning an exciting trip with your significant other? Are you mesmerizing that unique gift as a surprise? It takes time, efforts, consideration and love to make this day special for that special person.

Same day, same situation, means different to different people. But there’s always one thing for sure, there’s always something good in everything; it is always our choice to be happy or not despite the situation. When you start to feel being bothered by something, when you feel the tightness in our stomach, please intentionally think about a time in the past or recently when you were not bothered by the “thing”, when you feel relaxed throughout your body, what you were doing then instead of staying in being bothered or feeling the tightness. Were you focusing on some project at work? Were you working out at the gym? Were you enjoying the chatting with friends or even strangers at the bus stop? Were you reading a fascinating book? What were you doing? Pay attention to those little details. They are your small but significant tools to get yourself out of the “feeling”, the ditch. It takes practice and intention to pay attention to the little details in our lives that can lift up ourselves. But believe it or not, you always, always know what they are. The only difference is whether you want to fill up your life with the positive or something else.

Speaking of this Valentine’s Day, think about giving yourself some surprises instead, a hair-do, a spa gift card, a movie ticket, a box of your favorite chocolate, a bottle of wine that you’ve been thinking of buying for a long time, something that you know will make yourself feel better, even just a little. We need interactions with other people in our lives, we want acknowledgement from other people, but remember it is YOU who made the difference. YOU are the “1” in front of all the “0”. It is YOU, who you are, what you do, how you do it, that leave the mark with your surroundings.

Above all things I believe in love. Love is like oxygen – love is a many splendored thing- love lifts us up where we belong! All you need is love! – From Moulin rouge

Love doesn’t have to be excluded to the intimate kind, it can be as many as you want it. Love for parents, love for friends, love for children, love for work, love for pets, love for environment, love for yourself. There’s always something you can love, because you have a loving heart in you, you are love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Me!


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The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Does Valentines set off love alarms in your heart?  Does the word evoke the use of your love languages?  Who will be your Valentines this year? How will you and your loved one spend Valentines? Is your love comparable to that of a child, who is the true carrier of untainted love? If you have allowed yourself the freedom to freely love, would you agree that love is a necessary intangible that should be learned and demonstrated? How solid is your love for each other? These basic questions are just brain teasers to get you ready for the most romantic day of the year.

Did you know that love is a gift that should not be a well kept secret, but should be shared liberally? Let Valentine’s Day be a friendly reminder, of what we need in a generous proportion. Your demonstration of love to your significant others, will reflect a greater love, and that love will make us a greater people, ultimately resulting in a greater world. Some of us who are lovers at heart, and have lend our ears to love songs of the past, may remember a song by the same name “Put A Little Love In Your Heart And The World Will Be A Better Place” by Annie Lennox & Al Green. How fitting is this song for this celebratory time. Let love arise in our hearts to create a beautiful world that is good for our own existence.

If you plan to be a part of the celebratory Valentine’s family of lovers, it would be wise to start planning early.  Valentines triggers thoughts of love and somehow it needs no explanation. If you are married or involved in an intimate or promised covenant relationship, a fair question to ask is, what did I learn about my covenant or Valentine partner that will help me to improve or perfect my expression of love this Valentines?  

If your love is solid for an individual you usually desire the same of that person.  On occasion, this is not always the case. This is sad because true/untainted love is simply redemptive. When the moment of truth arrive this Valentines, with or without the full experience of love being reciprocated, give yourselves the freedom to entirely love another, because you are only in control of your own emotions, and Valentines is a safe time to test your ability to love unconditionally.  This is where your love speaks volume by saying “I choose to love versus I am a victim of love”. The size/cost of the gift does not equal the measure of the individual’s love for you, but it reflects the heart and spirit of the giver, so be a good recipient and receive with great appreciation and say so!

While the stores are preparing to help you with your gift of love you should know that a gift without love is just a demonstration of a ritual. When we hear the word Valentines, our hearts usually experience joy and anticipation of what we can do for our significant other, with the reciprocating thought of receiving in the same manner. This Valentine’s remember your significant other is expecting your best surprise.

The history of Valentine’s is not the most pleasant but it holds a place in history of the expressed love of a martyr which has touched the heart of most readers.  In the book of Galatians 5:22-23 it states that individuals who lives a Godly life, must possess and demonstrate the nine fruits of the spirit which are, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. With that said, to those who believe in Christ, love should be our daily crown in life’s glory, as we express the love of God to each other.

With love we will find great joy which brings us into the arena of peace. With peace we can endure suffering, and with peace and suffering we can be still and impart kindness/goodness to the hurting in a faithful manner and exude gentility as we are able to employ self-control. In view of these nine characteristics, it is apparent that love is the foundation or the magnet that keeps these characteristics etched in our lives. Valentines is also a good time to check our spiritual fruit trees, so to speak, to see what fruits are being produced.  

Love as it has been demonstrated toward man, is a feeling/freedom that is comparable to nothing else. Love is a perfect exchange and it is available to all and many will experience the truth of it. So as the day approaches, remember each person view love actions a little differently, so wrap your love in the package that is worthy to display the dept and purity of the heart that gives the best gift baring your signature.

Happy Valentine’s!

February 6th, 2015


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H-Day Report – Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves

acceptanceI kept running into quotes such as “If you see the dark side in a person, it is actually your own darkness that you see in yourself.” Something similar like this. I understand the connotation of their meanings, which is teaching us to see the bright side of a person, teaching us to be positive, as everybody has his/her dark side. Like one of my friend always says, “There are people who can only see the pencil-dot negativity even in the most victorious situation. Their mind just slip into negativity. No cure.” It is true. There are people like this. However, the direction of the conversation with such persons can be co-constructed by both the “negative” person and the other party, maybe you or me. What can we do to nurture the conversation to a more positive direction, by leading from behind? Either we ask them “If the things you are complaining about disappears after some miracle happens, what difference will you notice?” “What else?”, or we simply acknowledge their negativity as it is and move on to something else diplomatically, rather than grudging about how negative the person is and try to teach them to be positive. The more we don’t want to be drawn into the negativity, the more we need to think of a strategy to respond, and keep the conversation going.

Rather than the above cruel quote, I came across another one this morning:

If you admire greatness in another human being, it is your own greatness you are seeing.  – Debbie Ford

What do you feel reading it? Does it give you a new perspective of looking at yourself? It carries the similar meaning but throw some lights to the words. I further did some research on Debbie Ford. She is best-selling self-help author. Her problem-plagued life has inspired millions and millions of readers and people around the world. Unfortunately she passed away in 2013 after decade of battling with cancer. The most profound contribution and the best legacy that Debbie left for us is to accept ourselves as who we are, in another word, to accept the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves.

Acceptance is acknowledgement, acknowledging we are human beings, not saint, so we have dark side.

Acceptance is surrender, surrendering the pursuit of perfection, so we do as much as we can do and celebrate where we are as a result of the action.

Acceptance is appreciation, appreciate the efforts we made, the perseverance we’ve been holding, the tears, the struggles, the backwards and forwards, the awareness that we are still DOING.

As long as you still feel the pain, fight the struggle, wonder the unfairness, good for you, meaning you are a real person. Like the saying goes, the difficulties, the hardship and the hunger are the tests of an oncoming mission, something great, something you’ve been waiting for. Accepting the emotional turbulent, as you know every peaceful ocean has ups and downs. Accepting all those as a motivation, an alarm, a trumpet, an asset, we will be able to find the meaning of our lives, a long and awarding process with small but significant triumphs.


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M|M|C Report – What if we can see the silver lining?

silver liningHappy Monday, Champs! It is just past 4:30pm. Most of you must have started to get ready to wrap up for today, right?  What has been better since this morning? Think about it. It could be any tiny little change that’s better.

I’d like to share with you another story. This young man just quit his job from a career agency, because he has the belief that he can do more and better than what he has been doing at his position. What he expressed was his passion to do the things he likes and is good at. What he liked about his job is to be able to help other people find their job. What he has been doing is not just finding them a job. He also coached them on their job search strategies. He told me before he quit this job, he had already moved up a lot from his initial offer. His initial offer was to match the job seekers with the employers. Once he made the match, the case was transferred to a career counselor. Later when he had some extra time to deal with the job seekers, he found out that he has the skills to establish fruitful relationship with them, getting them the motivation to find a job and getting himself better commission. So he took the initiative to talk with the supervisor for more responsibilities as a counselor. That is where he ended with at the previous job. He said he quit because he couldn’t see any further advancement, while he still keeps learning and surpass himself.

This is what we call proactive, taking the initiative to change and be responsible for your decision, rather than complaining about the unfair treatment, undervalued position or overflown workload but nothing else.

When you find yourself start to complain about the job, the supervisor, the employer, hold off for a moment and think about:

  • What kind of job, supervisor or employer you want to have?
  • Suppose that you do have the ideal job, supervisor or employer you want, what difference will that make for you?
  • What else difference can you see in you, in the reactions from the people around you?
  • Who else will notice the difference? What will they do differently when they notice your change?
  • What will you do that you are not doing right now? What difference will that make for you?

By answering these questions, what difference do you see? Have you noticed that your mood is changing? Have you noticed that you are using different words? Have you noticed that there ARE things that you can do other than complain and feel unappreciated.

“Every cloud has a silver lining. ” It is scientifically and practically true. As long as the sun is still shining, no matter how thick the cloud is, the sun is always shining behind it, giving it the silver lining. As long as we believe that every bad situation has some good aspect to it and take a step back to see it, there is always something we can do to initiate the change. It doesn’t have to be a promotion, or an increase in salary, right away; what if it is a period of self-acceptance; what if it is a moment of letting go; what if it is a simple smile back on your face. It is what left with us that we feel, if a smile can help you feel relieved for a second, you have a second of joy for your life.

If you smile, the whole world smiles back at you; if you cry, you cry alone. Which one do you like?

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