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W|D|R – Willingness is Key

from photokapi. com

from photokapi. com

Timing n opp, does it equal success?… for years we hear successful people talk about being lucky. They were just lucky to have everything fall in place the way it did and wallah, the big bang of lava flow of success pumping through their veins. I am sure whatever they called luck played some part in their achievement. But, are they the only lucky ones? Has God favored a chosen few? Have the rest of us fallen under the stigma of the unlucky. I don’t know and I don’t think anyone knows. However, if the God preaching world is right, then it isn’t true. That means wealth is there for the taking by anyone whose willingness would allow them to do so.

Key word (willingness)……

I am certain that timing and opportunity plays a big part, but most failures don’t come because of lack of luck, it comes because of lack of business, and that relates to anything, your clients, your contacts, your circles and even your family.

  • How much are you willing to cultivate a growth-minding environment in your company, so that every employee has the opportunity to grow, for which you might have to make some investment?
  • How much are you willing to block your time everyday for lead generation instead of surfing the internet or chatting with friends over the phone, for which you might have to give up the relax pace and enjoyable conversation?
  • How much are you willing to spend time listening instead of claiming your standpoint, for which you might look like a loser?
  • How much are you willing to hold dear that relationship that you apologize first even if you are not the one to blame, for which you might give up your thunder?

Wealth is there for the taking by anyone whose willingness would allow them to do so.

Next time when we start to complain about the unfair, hold it off and think, how much we are willing to do something different and buckle down to make it happen.

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H-Day Report – Is today your Hump Day or your Pump Day?

coolfreeimages. netHappy Wednesday, Champs! It’s the time of the week when we feel drained, exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. It’s the time of the week that we call Hump Day. But, today is not hump day, it’s PUMP day baby, YEAH!!!

Today is Hump Day, but every day is Pump Day!

Yes, let’s pump ourselves up, and get that ass moving!


  • to get out of bed early, as the early bird gets the worm
  • to exercise, and get the adrenaline flowing to kill sluggishness
  • to make a nutritious breakfast, as we want to live longer
  • to dress for success, as first impression carries power. Looking good=Feeling good
  • to adjust to a positive attitude, as attitude is everything. Attitude determines our altitude
  • to pause, smell the roses and have gratitude for what we have and where we are in our life
  • to meditate and alleviate our stresses, as elevating our mind will ascend our life to new heights
  • to let go of hopelessness, as what is gone is gone; no use crying over spilled milk
  • to embrace hopes, yearn for opportunities and cherish growth,as every micro achievement counts
  • to keep moving forward, as running water doesn’t stink; I bet you don’t want a stinky head
  • to practice what we preach, as practice makes perfect and we want to be a better me in every endeavor
  • to accept the unacceptable, to forgive the unforgivable, to unload the unworthy, simply to give ourselves more room to breathe, more room to grow, more time to love ourselves

Please feel free to add more to your list while thinking about pumping yourself up.  #GetPump

What would it look like when we open our eyes every morning thinking “Hey, it is a Pump Day today“?

Are you Pump?… Pump, Pump, Pump it up YEAH!!!……..

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M|M|C Report – It not easy being big

ItsNotEasyBeingBigGood Monday, Champs!

To those who have kids, this book might be too familiar.  It’s about Big Bird and Elmo.

Big Bird finds that it’s not easy being big — he’s too big to get out of the door, to swing on a tire swing, to ride a tricycle, or to hide in a game of hide-and-seek.

In the meantime, Elmo knows that it’s not easy being small — he’s too small to cross a river, to catch the swing, or to throw a football.

Big Bird is big, but there are characters bigger than him; Elmo is small, but there are tinytiny tweedle bugs smaller than him.

At the end of the book, when Elmo is too small to pick up the kite tied up on the tree, Big Bird came to the rescue. So Big Bird and Elmo conclude, “Sometimes it’s easy being big. Sometimes it’s easy being small. That’s all.”

A simple kid’s book, some profound insights. There are things in our lives that we can’t change, but everything has two sides, so if we are going to sinking in the “not have” or move on to see the silver lining, is all up to us, and the attitude will determine the quality of our lives. Rather wasting time complaining about our “shortness”, or depending on others to change, time will be well spent on finding our strength and expand it. Think about what we can do, what we have, enjoy the present.

Do you want to find your strength? In Strength Psychology, there is a formula:

Talent  x  Investments = Strength

Talent – what we are born with, normally the skills we have with passion

Investments – time or money that we spend on our self development

When we can accept “…Sometimes it is easy being big. Sometimes it is easy being small.”, we will be able to find life becomes more enjoyable and beautiful.

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challengeHow do you become a champion, we have to challenge convention and chart new paths.

Do the things and go to places where others only dream and imagine about. I DARE you to start you champion journey today. I DARE you to challenge convention and chart new paths. I DARE you to…….

I was coaching a gentleman who wants to write movie scripts. He went to film school, got the knowledge and now uncertainty kicks in. He’s a very good writer but don’t have the confidence and courage to put him self out there in the world of writing. It takes courage and discipline to champion your way and chart your course in life. Oprah Winfrey said “Your passion will lead you to your purpose” a lot of us have passion, but that passion has to be burning in action to drive us towards our purpose.

Paulo Cohelo says, “when you’re going after your goals and dreams, the universe conspires to help you in achieving it” I Dare you to not just take action, but fire up your actions, have your passion flaming in your actions, so that when you’re around people they cam feel the heat of your passion. It’s in your words, your eyes, your walk, your tone, you’re in complete congruency. I DARE you to get up and move, I DARE you to take one step towards your passion today, I DARE you to develop the courage to pick up the phone and contact the people that can help you achieve your goals. I DARE you, I DARE you. Live with a DARE…..#Dare

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Shooting Birthday Star

birthday star

by Erma Washington

Many of us are like shooting stars that takes necessary breathers during our life time as we journey and connect with other stars along the way to our destined homes. Stars cluster together to create a happy atmosphere and in that atmosphere they validate each other and connect on a level that says we belong. Recently, a friend of mine shared her story with me as we sat down enjoying high tea. She talk about her friends which she described as a wonderful group of stars.

My friend had just celebrated a birthday and her account of the celebration created a brilliant setting for a low cost movie in my opinion. Here is her account of the event which she said was a month long celebration. At the end of the celebration she said she wrote a note of thanks to the group and this is the gist of the thoughts she share with the other stars in her cluster.

As the celebrated star of the cluster I shine my light brightly into your lives and hearts saluting you for your generosity toward me, by gifting me with the opportunity to have a shared birthday spanning an entire month. Simply put- I loved it! It was marvelous and purpose driven!

Historically, we the stars of this great cluster always find creative ways to bless each other or bless others around us. Clearly, this was a sweet blessing with great indulgence. This is why I can say we are like shooting stars because we are always actively engaged in serving each other.

I still laugh about the mastery behind the invitation asking me to drop in at the restaurant for breakfast and a presentation. I had reservations about the authenticity of the invite, but today, I can clearly say, it certainly delivered what it promised. This great celebration will go down in history as the day “the milestone gift was birthed”.

I was so pleased to know that this detailed planning was designed specifically for me and was an In-House Special, served to me with great care, wrapped in love, bundled in warmth, accompanied by unity and at the end of the journey, my Cinderella month ended in a standing ovation with great applause!

It was a time well spent because the days were filled with different kinds of events. A milestone sprint with friends, who freely shared the spotlight with me. The golden slipper fits much better than the silver simply donned with rubies. How inviting was the clustered journey that ended on the stairwell of a 30 days birthday bash guarantee. Only possible with this special group of women “my clustered friends”.

With such an imagery to sum up this great cause, a simple thanks would negate the depth of this stars appreciation, so to all the planning, plat-forming, staging, financing, & technology stars in my cluster, I truly thank you all for being in the same galaxy with me.

The many outings which kept the adrenalin pumping was like a youthful shower. For each of you in my galaxy you have celebrated with me one on one and the level of my appreciation is unspeakable. I was and will remain mindful that you had many other things seeking your attention but you committed yourselves to celebrate this milestone with me. Each of you near and far, made the commitment to connect with me and shared your thoughts, time, energy, laughter, money, food, space & a loving embrace to ensure success on this very special and personal journey with me. Know that I appreciate the photographic ingenuity behind the many different pictures which captured those moments that will enrich my personal archive for years to come.

Thank you does not do justice, but may that suffice as an acceptable reaction to your arms of love which you all extended to me so generously.
We have spent many years together which makes us look like clustering stars. They say a picture says a thousand words and with the family archive the pictures have spoken of all of us.

I close by saying when we gaze upon a shooting star we are usually unclear about the origin and also the destination. We are unsure about the fate of such a star, but shooting or not, it is still a star. To my clustering friends, you are like stars in my life because of the brightness of your lights.

May we stay clustered as a galaxy of stars, whose light lends itself to the other, that it is impossible to measure the brightness/dullness of any one star, because they are never separated long enough to be recognized as the star with the lesser light. One thing is for certain, when you look upon a shooting star, it is usually bright, so it is never mistakenly called anything else, but a shooting star! That what we are!

May the blessings of Abraham remain in your homes and families forever. A million thanks to everyone!!
Love and admiration for my galaxy group.
Happy belated birthday my friend!!

December17th, 2014

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M|M|C Report – Sometimes we just have to let it go…

let it goHappy Monday, Champs!

If you say I am a step behind of the trend, I won’t disagree.  I had been listening to the song “Let it go” from Frozen almost the whole weekend.  It is an animation, it does entertain kids, but it is also telling us adults something about letting it go.

It always says, whatever we want is like the sand, the more we want to hold on tight, the more it will leak in between our fingers. We end up disappointed, frustrated, depressed, maybe devastated.

Why do we always want to hold something tight? We are afraid of losing the greatness? We are not confident in our magnetic to other people? We are not acceptable enough to others? We don’t believe that others have the ability to fight for themselves? ……

It seems that all that we want to hold on tight is from our good heart and intention. However, if we take a step further, it’s inevitable that we have the fear of letting go.

Real greatness is always there, no matter in our possession or not, we can still admire it;

We are a unique individuals that attract each other in our unique ways;

It’s impossible to change other people unless they realize from the inside; or else we know “Love me, love my dog”;

Everyone has to take responsibility of their lives one way or the other, for them to grow.

So now, what to lose if we let it go. Nothing, but on the contrary, we gain freedom. We can choose to take a step further or back. There will be no right, no wrong, no responsibility for anybody else, no feeling guilty of not able to be there for anyone else.

Bottom line is that we have the power to choose. We have the power to decide what we can do. If we want joy in our lives, do things that will make us feel joyful.

Happy Attitude Nourish Harvest. – Activate the H.A.N.H. in you!

To your success!

Hanh Consulting

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W|D|R – Wake up your body, wake up your soul

wake upHappy Friday! It’s such a bliss thinking of it, isn’t it?  It’s the middle of the first month of 2015. How is it going with your new year’s resolutions? “What? Crap, I can’t remember them.” If this is the tiny voice inside, then it’s time to make some changes.

I know not all of us are early risers, but do you know the benefits of having a scheduled morning? I had a personal experience this Wednesday. I was awoken by my son around 5am. Come on, I didn’t go to sleep until 12am and now I am fully awake. What am I gonna do? After a few toss and turns, I decided to get up and do my workout. Guess what? I did my workout; I made pancakes for the kids; I left home earlier than usual. What was more amazing was my feelings on the way to work. It was something different. I was full of energy, even though I woke up early. You know, it was a feeling of fully wake-up, so amazing and refreshing. Then I did a little bit of research. It says it takes about 2 to 3 hours for our body to fully wake up after getting out of bed. Do the math. I got out of bed at 5, plus 2 or 3. Right on! By the time I was on the way to work, my body was fully awaken, which was the reason why I felt great. On the other hand, if you get up at 8 or 9, calculate when you can fully function, which is why we don’t always feel great on weekends when we can sleep in, right?

If you used to get up early for some reasons, business, personal, medical, or physical, and you remembered that you got things done pretty well; like we said, if something works, do more of it. What is holding you back from having a scheduled morning? Once you decide to get up early for a scheduled morning, you always have the reasons to go to bed early, you always have the excuses to avoid night-out activities, you always have the desire to welcome the following morning with a clear head and be more productive and effective, don’t you?

I remember in Maximize the Moment by Bishop T.D. Jakes, he told a childhood story. He used to care for his invalid father with working in local industries. The ok-paid job could afford the family an annual vacation somewhere close by. After several years to the same place, though the family enjoyed the leisure and relax, he cried in front of his father, telling him that he thought he could take the family to a better place with a better-paid job. His father told him something he remembered and shaped all his life. His father told him that it was not wrong to have a leisure lifestyle, did things slowly and followed the flow. However, if it was at the initial stage of his career or business or life, the laid-back could sabotage his efforts. When he found himself make excuses, such as the results are out of my control, or my style is slowing down and following the flow, or this is the best that I can do, he was actually failing himself, his faith, his efforts and his vision. If he had a bigger vision, if he wanted to achieve more, if he felt the urge to make difference, he’d be the most diligent one. Wake up the sun, not the other way around. He then carved his father’s words in his mind and worked diligently throughout his career and become one of the most inspirational leader in this world.

It says, the reason why you feel you are not close to success is because people who are smarter than you work more diligently than you. The gap becomes bigger and bigger. However, when you realize the gap, you have come to a point of awareness of the change. The only loyal tool we have to make everything happen is our body. When our body is fully awake, we will feel the massive capability to change the world.

5 minute earlier day after day, by the end of the year, you will have 30+ hours extra, how productive you will be? I can’t say over the roof, but at least you will feel the difference.

From tomorrow, wake up your body, wake up your soul!

To you success.

Hanh Consulting – Move People

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H-Day Report – Do something before unhappiness breaks you

change for betterWhen you feel unhappy, or stuck, or in an unfavorable situation, what you will do? Eckhart Tolle gave us some insights in his book The Power of NOW. He said:

If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.

“It is always easier said than done, but how?” If this is your initial reaction like most of the people, you are normal. Let me give you an example. We were all in school at certain point in our lives. Imagine you haven’t been studying for the whole semester, so you got freaked out about the exam the next day. You burned the midnight oil; you tried to cramp the whole book into your brain the night before; you didn’t even waste your time going to sleep. The next day, you went to the classroom with a can’t-be-heavier head for the exam. If you passed the exam, I would cry unfair for those who had been diligent all the time. Of course, you didn’t pass. Will you blame the professor for failing your exam?

Another example is going across the traffic light. Will you just go without looking, checking and double checking, because if a vehicle hits you on red light, the drive is at fault? So you don’t need to care if you will get hit or not. You give the onus of obeying the rules to the drivers on the road, do you?

What Eckhart Tolle was telling us is to be responsible for ourselves. We are more confident, satisfied and balanced when we feel that we have the control of our lives, don’t we? When we are in unfavorable situations, we are not stuck; we have options – remove, change, or accept. It’s totally up to us to choose based on our situations. When we take the responsibility of our choices, we are convincing ourselves that we can do something about it. When we know we can do something about it, we are more capable to stick to our choices without holding grudges, regrets or complaints, because once we feel such reactions in our body, we know we need to do something about it by adjusting our actions to stay away from the negative feelings. It is like a cycle of “choose – check-in – adjust – choose – check-in – adjust” in an upward spiral. The more we feel having control of our choices, the more we will do better, the more we feel we have more control, such a bliss! Upward-Spiral-Of-Success

So don’t give up your life to the drivers of unhappiness, take responsibility of yourself on the life’s highway. You can do it!

Happy Attitude Nourish Harvest. – Activate the H.A.N.H. in you.

To your success.

Hanh Consulting – Move people

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M|M|C Report – Without legs, you can climb high; without arms, you can still soar







Good morning, Champs! Another icy and freezing Monday morning. Did you manage to get out of bed and start your way to a fulfilled day?

Is life hard? Have you ever felt desperate or frustrated? Have you thought about giving up?

For a man born without arms and legs, he keeps dreaming big, he keeps trying to do the things that seems impossible. When people asked him how he could do these? He answered “Why not?”

Nick Vujicic, did it. During his speech, he said “Life is too much for me. Life puts me down like this.” He then felt on the floor. “I fall and now I am facing down. I will try one hundred times to get up, and if I fail one hundred times….If I fail and I give up, will I ever get up? NO!….” He started to demonstrate how he stood up without arms and legs. He did it without arms and legs.

With such unbelievable persistence and incredibly strong inside, he stands up, high and smiling. He plays soccer, surfs, rides horses and swims; he plays drums, dances and play golf. He is living life of what it provides.

Maybe we would say, when life becomes too hard to live normally, we have to accept what we have and live anyway; maybe we would feel that it is just his special conditions that creates such a motivating person. It could be partly right. We can’t imagine what kind of life he is living, but we can imagine the kinds of hardships that he had to live through. Don’t use our arms for a minute, what can we do, let alone without legs at the same time?

It requires faith, optimism, positivity and surrender to come to terms with life conditions, moreover, it requires actions, the repeated getting up after falling. It doesn’t matter how many times we fall, but how many times we stand up right after.

It takes the courage to face the hardship and do something about it, second by second, minute by minute, day after day, month after month and year after year. It takes the faith to continue the efforts to do it over and over again until we stand up no matter how badly we fall. It takes the execution to DO, ACT & CHANGE, to build from the impossible. It takes the right strategies to implement our plans to improve our conditions.

Without arms, we can still climb high.

Without legs, we can still soar.

To your success!

Happy Attitude Nourish Harvest – Activate the H.A.N.H in you.

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W|D|R – Life, Plain and Simple

plain & simpleOn this mild and sunny morning, we welcomed the first working Friday! Happy Friday! What was your morning like? Cheerful, full of joy that Friday is coming, finally?

This is the fifth day of work in the new year. It’s kind of feeling strange. How come the excitement, the colors, the lights and the atmosphere of NEW disappeared so soon? Even people are not talking about anything regarding NEW year any more. Quietly, we are in “this” year.

I guess it’s just the nature of life – everything goes back to normal no matter how grand it can be. I am a pretty sentimental person. Therefore, I can remember a lot of the things in the past. Once a friend came to me telling me how much she wanted the kind of relationship that sizzles, hot, exciting and full of surprises. I remember exactly what I said to her, “Fireworks are grand, magnificent, beautiful, shocking and it’s never too much to describe; however, once it’s gone, the only thing left is the darkest sky. The light of a firefly is dim, but a single spark can light up the darkness around. Do you want once-in-a-life-time only, or something that stays?”

Simple, plain, normal is what life should be. Do you like simple interactions with people, no suspicion, no judgment, no concern? Do you prefer a plain meal with all the things you like to something strange on your plate? Do you feel lucky that you are born normal and can do things in the normal way? If your answers are “Yes”, congratulations! You are a lucky one, enjoying the simplicity of life.

New year brings us opportunities, dreams, wishes, and in order to have them all, enjoy what life gives us, one day at a time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

To your success.

Hanh Consulting

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