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WDR| How Courageous are you?|


Do you have the courage to change your life and make it into what you want it to be?

Courage-Life shrinks


Courage comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. While racing into a burning building to save lives and helping out a person who is being robbed are certainly courageous and admirable acts, even smaller occurrences can count as acts of courage.

For example, confronting a bully, standing to your boss, your spouse or asking out a secret crush out on a date require certain levels of bravery. Therefore, acts full of courage can happen on the grand scale, but also on the smaller, day to day life level.

We’re living in a world where we have to be brave and face obstacles everyday. We find ourselves in situations often that require us to be courageous, but some of us back down too soon sometimes and that leads to some of our failures. Do you ever find yourself in a situation that you give in to the situation? Then after you think about all the things you should have done, could have done? But this is hind sight and it’s always perfect. Courage is when your world is fallen down around you, but you are able to take a step back, look at what is happening with a clear view, make a smart decision and go forward regardless. Most of us give in and lay down too long. Stop backing down, dig deep when face with obstacles and find the will inside to continue to move forward.

Hard doesn’t have to be hard, and hard can be good. It’s a sign and if you look closely you’ll see the good and the possibilities in it; your courage will surface from within to face it, find a solution and carry on.

Courage on a Daily Basis

Not all acts of courage need to be known worldwide to be defined as brave. Here are some examples of ways to be courageous in daily life and you can use to build your courage muscles.

  • Standing up for yourself or for a person who is being picked on.
  • Asking for a promotion or a raise at work because you deserve it.
  • Helping out a person or animal in need, even if it might put you in a little bit of danger.
  • Leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Taking a stand against an unfair social or economic practice.
  • Doing something by yourself for the first time.
  • Making a speech or a public presentation about something you believe in.
  • Standing up against racism or prejudice.
  • Leaving a job that you don’t like and trying to find a new one.
  • Signing up for a program or class that intimidates you.
    • Trying a food that you’ve never tried before.
    • Engaging in a new experience.
    • Asking someone out on a date.
    • Doing something that might be a little risky such as sky diving or riding a bike for the first time.

Stand firm, face your fears and be courageous, you need it to persevere and go after your dreams and goals.

Courage become small when your dreams get bigger

Standing with you and facing obstacles on our way to success

Awaken and unleash the H.A.N.H in you 


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Winter Blues Colors to the Rescue

winterThe winter months can be the most challenging season experienced by North Americans. Winter impacts our lifestyles and more than any other season it empowers us to engage in winter sports or challenge us to find some activities of interest to endure the chill of the winter months.

The face of winter brings on a feeling of gloominess but even in that, we are able to reflect on the other seasons of the year as much brighter and warmer. Winter blues are not easily overcome when we are faced with snow falls and debris, cold temperature, and a dullness that covers the sun.

During the winter months it is mentally more challenging to keep our emotionally charged attitude that would be helpful for us to decrease the feeling of being drained. It is in those emotionally drained moments, that we begin to entertain some thought-provoking ideas like, why did I not take a vacation this winter and what I would give to be on a sunny Island right now?

Thoughts like those, forces us to reach for something warm to wear while fostering the idea that nicer days are ahead. In the meantime, we look for ways to entertain ourselves. It may even be reasonable to say that in many Canadian households television viewing increases in the winter months.

Winter months can affect our mood and physical health. One of the reasons is the length of winter which appears to be one of the longest seasons with its unpredictability. In the winter months we experience a lack of sunlight, we choose darker clothing, coupled with challenging road conditions and the debris from the cares of winter. These factors make it difficult to sustain a feeling of warmth and happiness for any long period, and as such, our mood is negatively affected because many beautiful things around us fade.

One thing that seems therapeutic for those who may experience low mood swings is choosing brighter colors in their drapes, linen, bedding and attire. Brighter colors will not cure the blues but it will make for a more uplifting mood since light/bright colors draws light. Today if we really compare winters to what it was twenty years ago, we will see that the seasons are more unpredictable so purchasing managers have relaxed their merchandising style to remain trendy and valuable to meet the needs of North Americans.

With the change in trend we see that colors are a huge attitude warmer, especially for those of us who likes the sun and the brighter atmosphere. Over the last five to seven years, there has been a noticeable change in the presentation of the winter months where we have some warmer months sprinkled into the winter experience. It is a spirit lifting experiencing and the department stores are capitalizing on it, by carrying a wider variety of colorful merchandise during this season. Compare to a decade ago, winter clothing choices today are much more inviting.  Traditionally, from a retail perspective, if we wanted a winter vacation in a warm & sunny country we would have to do the bulk of our shopping in the summer to early fall months to ensure we get the right summer attire for our vacation splash. This is because department stores used to ensure they stock what is considered to be season appropriate items which traditionally, was mainly dark colors.

Now the seasons are more blended so the purchasing managers are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the seasons and stock merchandise that is more inviting color wise and a small percentage of seasonal clothing to meet the needs of their customers.

From a spirit lifting perspective, as consumers some of us like the more colorful merchandise, so we thank the designers for ramping up our choices in scarves, gloves, coats, purses, shoes/boots hats & earrings for our winter living.

Colors have found its way into our wardrobe and many of us welcome that. Colors have also change the look of the fleet of automobile industry where cars have a much more vibrant look. For many of us who work in offices and group settings it is a pleasure to see the more vibrant winter colors. The colors add brightness to the workplace and lift the spirit of our colleagues.

Colors are quietly dominant, and is now more acceptable where males are much more liberal in donning any color and it is fair game. While the Caribbean countries with the great sunshine is an attraction and also for the purpose of replenishing our Vitamin “D”, and we go for the dual purpose, it is true that in today’s market  “color sells” because it awakens the emotions.

Colors have weaved its way into winter months and designers have gradually introduced the idea that winter gears doesn’t have to be the traditionally dark colors but rather a mix of rich colors such as orange, green and fuscia to name a few.

The retail industry has always been purposeful in making decisions for us the consumers. Likewise to a great degree we have decided to trust the fashion industry to dictate to us what is hot and what is not. We embrace the decision on the part of the fashion industry because we now have the choice to wear colors in the winter which brightens our days and make winter a little more tolerable for those of us who just wants to shake the winter blues. Remember the attire we choose to wear is not for our eyes only but it can also enhance the experience of those around us.

Erma Washington
All rights reserved, no editing of material  except authorized by the author.
November 30th, 2014

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H-Day Report – You can have it all, and you deserve it all….

impossibilityDo you want to make more money?

Do you want to ace the interview?

Do you want to get the promotion?

Do you want to get the pay raise?

Do you want to sell more and make more?

Do you want to feel good about yourself, your life?

Do you want to? Do you want to? Do you want to?

It seems difficult to reach the promise land of success, but it isn’t. Research has shown that we’re at where we are in life because of what we’ve learned throughout our lives. The brain has only developed to that point, and that’s our only limitation. For example, if you’re studying to be a lawyer, and half way through you decided that you don’t want to be a lawyer anymore and change, your brain now has to change to accept the new major. Science calls it neuroplasticity. Our brain can be retrained and grow beyond our expectations, therefore, we can unlearn mediocrity and learn success in all areas of our lives. It’s all about training the brain to learn new ways of doing what we want it to do, for example, we can train our brain to help us do things we thought was impossible and achieve things we thought only belong to the lucky ones.

Once we retrain our brain, the possibility of the impossibility becomes endless. We can start achieving the so call impossible and move beyond our wildest dreams. Everyday people are doing things we once thought was impossible. Example; everyone now has a cell phone, about 8 billion globally. There are more phones than people, which less than 20 years ago was only an idea and only a couple existed. Train your brain to think in possibility, you will find the magic formula for your success, and you will realize that your brain have the power to create miracles.

We can train our brain to think in possibilities and when we do, everything is achievable.

Happy Attitude Nourish Harvest. – Activate the H.A.N.H. in you.

To your success.

Hanh Consulting – Move People

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MMC|Perception is the key to succeed|

My Brain is the key that sets me free…Harry Houdini

Perception-cat-lion perception-See as -r

If perception is the key; then Harry Houdini must have not only been the greatest magician, but also a genius. With his early realization that, what the eyes sees and the ears hear, the mind believes. This must had been a powerful breakthrough for him and the skies was the limit after such discovery. Because, we believe what we perceive things to be, not necessarily are. That means our eyes and mind are constantly at work playing tricks on us all day long and how we’re seeing things is not really the way they are. So, if perception is the key and things are not usually the way they appear to be, then what is? And how can we use this false sense to create the life and lifestyle we want.

I am currently coaching a couple real estate agents. Both were moderately successful in the business, but they’re not very positive about the market right now, because business is not good. For the past two years things have been on a downward spiral and keep getting worst for them. They went on to tell me about all the reasons why things are so bad and why they’re not doing good. Through out our entire conversation (with me doing all the listening of course) about how bad the market is and how everyone is screwing up the market by doing bad business, and how smart customers had become. Not one thing was because of their views and their attitude of the market. I wondered about the time when they were doing well, wasn’t there agents that were doing bad business then? Did customers just suddenly got smart? We can always find ways to justify our failures.

When things are not going so good for us, we tend to have a more negative perception about things rather than when things are going right. I guess it’s the auto response in humans. According to scientific research, our primitive brain kicks in at this point because it wants to protect us. We are more comfortable thinking negatively and when we sense danger we want to run away or stay and fight, but the run away seems to always win. Although running away is good sometimes. Giving up and giving in should not be a part of your ammo, unless you’ve explore all avenues to correct your course. It’s very difficult to start over, every time you do it, you’re starting from zero. It’s not easy.


In every competitive business you always are going to find people who get creative (dishonest) and don’t follow the rules to try to boost their business. That type of approach is always short live though, it’s not a sustainable approach if you want to be in business for a long time. A solid foundation cannot be built by cutting corners. However, the more competitive your industries are, the more that type of behavior exists.

If we keep our focus on the bad things everyone does in our industry, we will not be able to do good for ourselves, because our energy is being placed in a non productive direction. And, when we do, we tend to see the whole industry as bad, when in essence, it isn’t true. Our eyes and ears start to fool us, our perception gets clouded and our mind plays tricks. It is a scientific fact that perception is a key component to achieving success. The entire stock market that trades trillions of dollars daily relies solely on consumer perception. A prime example of the power of perception is in 2008 when the market crashed in the US, the majority of the people panicked and pulled their money out. The smart ones bought more shares and some like Warren Buffet invested billions in companies. The ones that perceived the situation as a problem lost and could achieve gains they’ve never had before, the ones who perceived it as an opportunity gained exponentially. At the same time the market automatically weed out the bad seeds. It was win-win-win for the good guys all the way.

The message here, don’t spend time worrying about what others are doing to screw the market up and what’s going on in the market. Because, it doesn’t matter what is going on, there’s always people doing well in your business. Look at those ones, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, and implement some of the strategies they’re using. It’s that simple.

Move from comfort and complain zone to action zone: your perception will begin to change

Awaken and unleash the H.A.N.H in you

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WDR|Happiness Affirmations |How to be happy

How To Think Yourself Happy:

Happiness affirmations have been shown to be very effective in helping people attain greater happiness. Using affirmations on a regular basis can assist you in developing and keeping a positive mental outlook, which research says is the number one way to be happy.

Lifelong happiness can be yours by thinking optimistically and resourcefully, by engaging in mental alchemy.

Use Happiness Affirmations to Bite Your Ants

Most people have lots of negative thoughts. Some are routine and regular thoughts that are resistant to change. And many have ants, which attack, prevent or discourage happiness.

You know what ants are … Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). 

Learning to recognize your ANTS and doing something about them can make you a happier, more fulfilled person. Ultimately, you want to replace your ANTS with helpful and empowering positive thoughts. Along with happiness affirmations.

Examples of Ants that Nullify Happiness Affirmations

Negative thoughts that go through your mind can set you up for failure. “I can’t learn this,” or “What’s wrong with me?” “I’ll never be able to do that,” “I’m not normal,” or “I’m so stupid!”

Such messages may originate in childhood, but they have a nasty habit of hanging around all our adult lives, if we let them. To increase our happiness, let’s get rid of our ANTS and put new thinking habits in place. That’s one way to find more peace, love and happiness. When we think positively we attract positive people into our lives, and we court success, rather than failure.
And we uplift and encourage those folks who aren’t so positive.

Remember, optimism, like depression, is contagious.

The greatest happiness principle involves thinking thoughts that liberate, not enslave. It’s mental alchemy. The art of harnessing your imagination, and putting it to good use . . . to attract and create the happiness you deserve and desire. With practice you can replace your ANTS with wonderfully addictive happiness affirmations that will keep you going in the right direction.

Examples of Happiness Affirmations

1. I’m excited about this new day and I’m going to make the most of it

2. If I make a mistake, I’ll learn from it, laugh at myself and go on

3. I choose to see the good in everyone

4. I will feel more compassion for everyone

5. I feel stronger and more positive all the time

6. I always find the beauty among the thorns

7. In every step I find peace

Tips For Creating Happiness Affirmations that Attract Happiness

1. Choose thoughts that make you feel good. Don’t wallow in pessimistic, self-limiting thoughts, and other negative thoughts that make you feel bad. Try to put it in terms of an affirmation, for example, “I am thinking good, happy thoughts, and I’m growing happier every moment.”

2. See the good in a bad situation. The silver lining in every cloud. Find a redeeming quality in people who irritate you. You’ll feel better and your actions will be more constructive. How about this? “There’s a good side to this situation, and I’m going to find the good in it.”

3. Learn to interrogate or question your thoughts. Not all thoughts can be trusted. “Gloom and doom” thoughts tend to be motivated by strong emotion, rather than logic. Emotion can cloud the picture. Let’s say you’re discouraged. As an alternative, try thinking, “I know I’m feeling down right now, but everything is looking up. Yes, it’s looking up.”

4.  When you get angry or think sad thoughts your brain discharges negative chemicals that cause your body to feel bad. Why drown in toxic emotions? Re-frame the situation and take some type of constructive action. Take a break or a walk, do some deep breathing and start radiating good vibrations again. You’ll look and feel much better. “I’m turning my anger into love. I’m turning my anger into love.”

5. Your thoughts change the way you feel. And the way you feel affects the way you act. So think positive thoughts and you’ll end up with more positive behaviors. Let’s say you have a lot of work to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Try this, “I’m getting closer to being finished, every step of the way.” Or “I’m focusing on just one step at a time.”

To Sum It Up

Thinking yourself happy ain’t so hard, after all. All you have to do is realize the power of your thoughts and commit yourself to healthy, optimistic thinking habits. Create a simple and powerful positive thought to replace a negative one. Express it in terms of a happiness affirmation. Think or say it over and over. Perhaps as you breathe in and out.
Dedicate yourself to a life of positive thinking and . . .
You’ll be happier and live longer than those who see the world as a very negative place. Plus, you’ll be a magnet for peace, love and happiness.

Lifelong happiness can be yours by thinking optimistically and resourceful, by engaging in mental alchemy.

Dr. Richard Hamon

Awaken and unleash the H.A.N.H in you

Happy Attitude Nourishes Harvest

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Two Power Presentation. One Great Occation.

When neuroscience meets power questions, miracle happens!

You will be able to break the patters and limits that have been holding you back and achieve the great success you deserve.

Time is ticking. Space is limited. Register NOW @

Two Power Presentation Nov 22 2014

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Mind-ele-1 mind-water-eleThe quality of our life determines the quality of our questions, not to others, but to ourselves which is what determines the quality of our overall communication and the level of our elevation in life. We’re at the end of 2014 and 2015 is creeping upon us fast

Some of us live our life-like we have endless time. We treat our precious time so loosely, forgetting that time doesn’t stop and waits for us, and whether we’re moving forward or not time keeps going. When do you think is your prime time? When do you think you should start your dream journey? I believe it’s now! What do you believe? What is it you’re waiting for to get started? Now is the perfect time and it doesn’t make sense waiting around. This is your time, your prime-time.

We have a saying in my country: the fish stinks from the head down.

Everything happens in the head, which is where everything starts and end. Whatever we think is what we do, and the results we get are from our actions. Therefore, our thoughts determine the kind of action we take, and wherever we are in life today stems from all the things we’ve been thinking and doing. If we want difference, we cannot just do differently, action cannot change without thinking. We must first learn to change our thoughts, and the actions will follow automatically. Remember, the results are not seen in the thoughts but in the actions. So, the habits of our thoughts become the habits of our actions. For example, if we ask ourselves questions that defeat us, weaken us, what kind of actions are we going to take? And what kind of results will we get? Exactly!

The idea is to change our thought process and change our life

Rev up your thoughts and empower yourself with questions that provokes the mind. Stay away from “Why” questions especially when things are not going your way, and instead ask “How” questions, this type of questions are simple but powerful. They will help you get pass the tough times fast and will create amazing results. Think of it this way, “Why” questions can lead us into a downward spiral and “How” questions put us on a path of upward mobility. It’s the choice we have always. Think HOW and not why. #How #Elevate

Awaken and unleash the H.A.N.H in you. Happy Attitude Nourishes Harvest

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W|D|R – What are you waiting for?

waitingBy Christine Kloser

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I lost a teacher and friend of mine, Allan (Sethius) Clark, recently. It’s in these difficult days sometimes, when the light can actually be the brightest, right?

It’s like the night sky….without the darkness, there can be no stars shining brightly for all to see. It can be times like these where we find our moments of clarity, our “a-ha” moments. We realize that we are all on borrowed time and we need to act now to do what we were put here to do. As Allan always said, “What makes you think you have the time?”  

Some of you may have known for years what you wanted to do, what you were called to do, but you let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Maybe you’re letting self-doubt hold you back. But, what makes you think you have all the time in the world? Take action now. Action is the only way we move forward.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, done everything, and you still haven’t been able to create what you want to create? Do you feel stuck at that level of “personality” while there’s a whole river of creativity, connection, love, and expression flowing from somewhere deep inside you? What is that?

Read more here

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H-Day Report – Getting Pass Your Mental Blocks

awakenStop holding yourself back from success

Success lies inside of happiness not the other way around, and true success can only come from happiness, which includes work-life-balance. If you shine at work, at home and in a Bikram studio, then your life is truly complete, that’s happiness, which is success. If you ask the most successful people in the world if they like what they do, they’ll tell you, they love what they do and they’re happy doing it. That comes from finding their strength (talent) and by developing it and using it, they find success. Our struggles come from not operating from strength or our un-develop skill (talent).

When we find our strength, our talent, and develop it into a skill, life suddenly somehow become simpler, and the fight to survive is no more. We start to flourish like a fresh bloom flower in the morning. AT this point, success is not only easier to achieve, but we lead our lives with little or no stress and we take ownership of our responsibilities (no finger pointing). Find your strength today and start creating your future life map. Allow good to happen to you and for you, open your mind and let success in, and start making leaps and bounds towards your future. Greatness is in you, a talent force is in you, find it, develop it and use it to achieve abundance of success. #Awakenthetalentwithin.

# TalentForce  #Findyourstrength  #FindYourTalent  #succeedingiseasier

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Remembering The Freedom of Flanders Field & Beyond

remembrance dayRemembrance Day has great historical significance for all Canadians who are enjoying the freedom granted to us by the commitment of many Canadians who died in war. In World War 1 & 2 many lives were lost and too few were spared to give an account of the pain and the harsh reality of war. Consequently, there is one specific historical account which is available to us based on a desperate plea of one man, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, a soldier, physician and poet of the First World War, asking us to “remember” as he invites us on a warrior’s journey explaining what happens on the front line with these fallen soldiers as he explain to us in a riveting Poem known as “In Flanders Field”.

War has many faces but for prisoners of war they often wish for a sudden stop in their life’s clock because nothing could truly prepare these brave men and women for the harsh reality of war. Can you imagine the myriad of emotions experienced by POW’s when sudden death is not even an option? This is why we should remember the freedom of Flanders Field. Realistically, a soldier really doesn’t fight for his or her own freedom as much as he/she fights to bring comfort to those in the homeland. This act of bravery is comparable to a life insurance policy where the policy owner is really just a medium for contribution because it’s the survivors who will obtain the benefits. As their beneficiaries, we say to our fallen comrades & their families we salute their life’s commitment and loyalty to their country.

For those who have survived the grip of sudden death with their life’s clock calibrating the measure of their lifespan, what sights, sounds and determination gripped their mortal bodies as they physically depart from that place where they died emotionally. Many of our heroes never recover from their mental prison which often catapults them to engage in different survival modes. Some often seek ways to numb the pain of living. For these soldiers the war may be over physically, but mentally the battle was never hotter.

As we remember these brave individuals, we do so by giving recognition to them because their life clocks stopped suddenly resulting in the greatest loss to their family and to our society. We also will continue to remember the pain of the families who are also prisoners mentally, holding on to the last memory of a son or daughter who bid their last goodbye with a warm embrace fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

It is unfortunate for many of these families this last goodbye was forever. Though there is a harsh reality that war could result in death, a soldier who is deployed, armed with a heart of hope, is not wishing to die but hoping for “a door of escape” but instead is faced with nothing but bloodshed and death. On that day when family members get their visitation informing them of the death of a loved one, there is a deep pain in the heart of some parents, spouses, children & family members wishing they had physically died along with these men and women in uniform.

Healing from this pain is not inevitable so while many struggle with the numbness of what seem to be an unending battle they simply ask us, the recipient of the life and sacrifices of those who died for the cause to “please remember”. Today it is not business as usual, rather it is the day when Canadians choose to recognize what we all have in common, which is “many of our promised politicians, doctors and engineers died in battle to pay for our freedom”. So in saying thanks we need to let the light of “hope” remain ignited in our hearts by remembering their ultimate sacrifice. They paid with their only real commodity (their lives) and indirectly they also surrendered the lives of their families who are left behind to count the cost.  

In Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem he charged us to remember, when he wrote these words of conviction in paragraph three of the poem In Flanders Field-The torch be yours to hold it high, if ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Fields. On November 11th, let us Canadians tip our hats and hearts of gratitude to those who died too soon and those who lived to mourn their fallen comrades for a gift undeserved, but hold dearly the freedom it offers. This day In Flanders Field deeply embedded in the soil is the blood stain of many of our fellow Canadians whose life clocks came to a sudden stop so we can rest well knowing that the shores of our great country is safe. My fellow Canadians let us salute these brave men and women, who refused to count the cost but choose instead to pay for our freedom at such great cost!

May God continue to bless this county!

“Please Remember”


November 11th, 2014.

All rights reserved. No editing of material unless authorized by author.  

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