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WDR | The Power of questions that create miracles


Change your life and impact the world

question-mark-blueWe all know that words have power, but what about the power of questions. Questions have the power to provoke the mind and shake up your thought process. Einstein for example loved to ask provocative questions. One morning young Einstein watched the sun glittering off a field of flowers. He asked himself, “Could I travel on that beam of light? Could I reach or exceed the speed of light? These are some of the questions that lead to his theory of “Relativity” which challenged mankind and changed our world. Without that theory, we would not have GPS today; it’s design and inner workings is based solely upon Einstein relativity theory. Peter Drucker is considered to be one of the most profound thinkers in the field of management. He was famous for his intense questioning sessions with clients. Rather than offering advice, which was expected by his clients, Drucker would pose simple but penetrating questions that challenge the mind.

Ask simple and thought challenging questions

Do you ever think of how powerful it is to be able to ask the right questions? The right questions can change your life and elevate your imagination. In a psychological practice call Solution Focus Brief Counseling. They believe that the client is the expert and by asking the right questions the client would figure out their own problems in a short time. They ask clients simple but powerful thought challenging questions such as, the “Miracle Question” Suppose when you go to sleep tonight a miracle happens, the miracle being that the obstacle you have in your life currently disappear, but you didn’t know because you were a sleep. How would you go about discovering the next morning that this miracle must have happen? What else? What would you be doing differently? Simple but thought provoking.

Learn the techniques and achieve success fast

Asking the right questions can determine the outcome you want in a conversation, a sales call, been chosen for a promotion or acing the job interview and getting hired. Questions are triggers and if you ask the right ones it can be penetrating and activating, shake up the mind to think creatively and stretch your imagination. A powerful CEO of a 12 billion dollar corporation was once asked how he chose his vendors and management team. What builds trust and credibility with you early on in a relationship? He replied, I can always tell how experienced and insightful a prospective consultant and a management candidate are by the quality of their questions and how intently they listen. The two most important qualities of effective communication and persuasion; master these two qualities and your success is guarantee.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

To Your Success. Unleash the H.A.N.H in you

Hanh Consulting

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H-Day Report – The Big Burning “Yes”

fireWhen people around me telling me they feel tired of sticking to the plan; they feel overwhelmed by what’s going on around them; they feel frustrated by the setbacks, delays, interruptions; they feel disappointed with missing deadlines and substandard performance; they feel they are the victims of the bad luck, misfortune, negligence and contempt; or they have so many ideas that they can’t help but jump from one to another……

What I’d like to suggest to them is to sit down and think about the following question,

“If you had to write your obituary today, what would you like it to say about you and your life?” (from Power Questions, by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas).

I’ve encountered the same challenge from Stephen Covey’s book, in which he asks you to imagine attending your own funeral. What would you like other people to say about you?

How many of us realize that, when we look back at our childhood, the fight for attention among siblings was so ridiculous, because you know that your parents love you all, but you simply forgot about it at that moment. How many times we regret that we should have listened to the advice when they were brought up, because we know that they might help, but we were simply wilfully stick to our ways. It’s always afterwards when we look back that we are able to figure out the facts.  Therefore, the obituary writing or the funeral attending will definitely help us develop our imagination to look back at what’s happening to us on a later date. Nothing would be the same in a hundred years.

To help yourself take steps to come up with that realization, answer these questions: Who am I? What values do I hold most important? What do I stand for? What do I want to achieve in life? How should I treat those closest in my life? How do I want to be treated? What is the purpose of my life?

Once you are clear of the answers, you will become who you are, say who you are and do what you say.

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘YES’ burning inside.” ~ Stephen Covey

To your success.

Hanh Consulting

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Diligence in motion:

I have a friend that sells insurance, It’s a very tough business to be in. It’s highly competitive and it’s the last thing people Persistence-1ever think of buying. The majority of us do not understand the importance of having insurance, we think we only need it if we die, but not true. The right insurance product could set us up nicely for retirement, and when we decide it’s time to quit the rat race we could have a nice nest egg stuffed away that we can use to lead a nice and enjoyable retirement lifestyle anywhere in the world we want. Sounds good right? If this is the case then everyone should be in a hurry to buy insurance to protect their future; and like any other saving program, the younger you are the better. But, this isn’t the case. As a matter of fact my friend told me it’s more difficult to sell someone an insurance policy for a hundred dollars than anything else she’s ever come across. People even resist buying medical insurance, can you believe that? It seems as if it is our nature to reject the good things. But, no matter the amount of rejections she gets, she insists on carrying on.

Staying the course:persistence-4

I know sometimes, if not most of the times it’s very difficult for her. It’s a constant chase to find new clients, people who don’t want to buy insurance, then she have to try to sell them a product they feel they don’t need. It’s like a never-ending uphill battle. Regardless of all this, she persists and stay diligent to her cause. How many times have we given up on things not knowing we were close to achieving it? Sometimes we’re only three feet away when we quit.

Three Feet From The Promise Land:

How many times we thought of some good ideas but never take the action to see it through. Then after a few years you see your idea on a shelve somewhere thinking, that was my idea. Someone else thought of it as well, but the difference was, they ran with it and find success; while you’re still complaining. We all want success and we can find it in anywhere even at work, but some of us sabotage that as well, we don’t go in early and stay late, we complain that’s not our job so we don’t team up with a colleague to help, we don’ go the extra mile to get things done. Therefore, the promotion passes us; the pay raise comes in tiny and slow and if the boss could fire us for mediocre performance and self-destruction, most of us would be unemployed. We give up too soon, we give up on our ideas, our jobs and even ourselves; we don’t stretch, we don’t push and we don’t persist when it gets hard. We take the path of least resistance and complain, when sometimes, we’re only three feet away from where we want to be.

Persist and stay the course no matter what, go the extra mile and do a little bit more, help a team-mate finish something, and when you feel like to self destruct and give up, remember, you’re only three feet away. Keep persisting my friends and keep pushing forward.

Persisting alongside you on the road to success – Let The H.A.N.H Out

The RS Team


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WDR| Is Your Bucket Half Full Or Half Empty?

half full half emptyIs Positive Thinking Enough?

Positive thinking alone might not be enough to make you successful and financially secure. You probably will need a great idea, a bit of support, some luck and a lot of actions. But, if your bucket is always half empty and you’re rarely optimistic about things, chances are your actions will be minimal and it’s more likely will lead you away from success. Everyone wants to be successful and have financial security for themselves and their family, however, most of us talk right but walk left; we keep saying we need to make more money, we want to provide a good education for our children and we all want to retire in comfort, but our actions says different. If your bucket is always half empty, you tend to not see the possibilities in anything, so it’s more likely you’ll stay on the path of mediocrity. Positive thinking can lead to positive actions, you might not get rich quickly, but you’ll be on a track that is taking you towards achieving small successes that will lead you to the bigger vision you have in mind. Therefore, starting with something small like practicing positive thoughts and taking small but significant positive steps will play the major role in your achievements.

The impossible Achieved

There are lots of studies done on people who achieved great levels of success in life. Some of these people comes from dire backgrounds and had to crawl through the impossible to get to where they are today, like Ursula Burns Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation, the first black woman to run a Fortune 500 company. Ursula wasn’t born in wealth or even in a middle class family. As a matter of fact, her environment says she wasn’t supposed to make it. Everyone around her was destined to failure. She grew up in a New York City housing project – the ghetto for the poor and the rejects of life, and she was raised by a single mother; failure was in her blood. How does someone developed the courage to break out of that mindset and crawl over the walls of mediocrity to become Chairman and CEO of such a large corporation? Sound impossible, but achieved.

You Have a Choice In How You Think

Research shows that positive thinking can have beneficial effects on people’s health by increasing a person’s intellectual, physical, psychological and social resources. Therefore, if your situation seems impossible, being positive can be motivating and stimulating. It will inspire optimism giving your actions a chance to stay on the path of possibilities and abundance. However, the opposite happens when you view your bucket half empty. It throws you off the equilibrium if you keep saying I want more but you’re always doing less, or you want success but your thoughts and actions are on the path of failure. We all hear the saying “your action speaks so loud I can hardly hear what you’re saying” so, I think it is important to be optimistic and to think in possibilities if we want to achieve any level of success, because the actions we’ll take then will at least keep us on the path of possibilities.

I read somewhere that people can only hold one thought at a time. If that’s true, then you have a choice:

  • Focusing on a thought that makes you feel bad will lead to results you don’t want;


  • Focusing on a thought that makes you feel good that leads to what you want.

Fill your bucket with one possibility thought and one possibility step at a time.


When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things. ― Joe Namath

Apparently, being Positive is good for you my friends

The RS Team…Bringing out the H.A.N.H in you

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Happy Monday MMC| Solution Focus-Problem Focus; Your Choice|

Two roads: Solution Focus or Problem Focus.

two-Roads Less Traveled two-roads-diverged-woodWhy humans are so quick to go to the negative? Every time something happens we fight to see what’s wrong instead of what is right; even in very positive situations we tend to see the negative no matter how small it is. My mother’s friend won $6,000 in the lottery and I heard them complaining about why they paid her so little for so many numbers, she should have gotten more money, and how wrong the lottery people are. This went on for about an hour. Never once hearing them say, I’m so happy I won; I feel lucky let’s celebrate. Winning the lottery or anything at all is such a rare occasion. They should be doing cart wheels around the building and shouting for joy from the roof, instead of complaining. I believe gratitude will bring you more. If you’re a thank-you person then you will always have things coming your way so you can always have the opportunity to say thank you; however, if you’re a complainer, you will always have very little to say thank you for, because your attention will always be on what’s wrong and never on what’s right about this.

Opportunity Knocks: (Opps) Opportunity.

How many times we get opps but we’re too blind to see them. Opps come our way everyday, many times a day, but our focus on what’s wrong is so strong that the opps tend to go unnoticed. Having to see the negative or positive in something is really a matter of choice. We know this but somehow the negative seems easier to choose than the positive. According to scientific research we’re hardwired to be negative. The capacity to put more weight on negative entities than positive ones likely evolved for an important reason: to keep us out of harm’s way. From the beginning of humanity it has been our most important survival skill to be able to stay away from or dodge danger. Knowing this survival technique, our brain has developed systems that make it hard for us to not notice danger and respond to it. Our consciousness is built upon negativity, therefore, to see more positives in our day we need to fight our consciousness to pay attention to the good things, meanings, and get into awareness.

Developed and Reinforced.

Hamlin et al. researched three-month olds and found that they process negativity just as adults do. This suggests that the negativity bias is instinctual in humans and not a conscious decision. There are more emotional words in the human dictionary that are negative than positive. One study found that 62% of the emotional words were negative and 32% were positive; a whopping seventy-four percent of the total words in the English language describing personality traits are negative. This proved that our attitudes are more heavily influenced by downbeat negativity than good news.

The Neg effects on the job: Mindfulness is key.

Amabile studied professionals and looked at what made their day good or bad at work. The findings showed that when professionals made even the slightest step forward on a project, their day was good; however, a minor setback resulted in a bad day. Furthermore, Amabile found that the negative setbacks were more than twice as strong as the positive steps forward when relating to the individual’s happiness that day.

Get into mindfulism and start celebrating your victories no matter how small. Pay attention to the good and build on it, because if we pay attention to the bad, we’ll build on that as well.

Two roads. Choose. The choice is always yours.

Your future is bright.

Hanh Consulting Team

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W|D|R – Talent Match | Finding Success In Your Talent

youSuccess Lies In Your Talent.

I received a call yesterday from someone who was at the crossroads of her career. She was in career confusion and didn’t know which direction she wanted to go into. She asked if we could meet and I said sure. During our conversation I decided to ask her about her Talent. I asked, “What is it that you do very well without thinking?”

She was confused and didn’t know how to answer. After rephrasing the question to, “What is your talent?”, she still couldn’t come with what she’s good at. It made me think for a moment and thought, how many people out there who do not know their talents. I have always believed that if you are utilizing your strengths in your job and life in general, it will make you happy and successful. I taught my kids to focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses but, I’m in competition with their mom and Teachers who feel differently. They want them to be good at everything, but none of us can.

It’s not as cut and dry. 

Finding your Talent is not an easy task. I thought it was easy until I asked the question yesterday. I realized we spent so much time doing so many different things throughout our lives and becoming good at some and ok at others. Therefore, having many different careers makes it a bit difficult to narrow down what we are really good at. Many people spend their whole lives in a career they didn’t like and didn’t enjoy. It’s reported that more than 70% of the people hate their jobs and that number could be higher or go up. No one really knows the exact figure. The point however is, most people are unhappy with their jobs that lead to being unhappy with their lives. In Tom Rath’s book Strengths Finder, he spoke of when an employee is using his/her talent at work they are 6 times more productive than an employee who is not using his/her talents, and those talent users lead happier lives; amazing isn’t it? That’s a huge difference in results when maximizing on our talents.

Find your passion to find your success. 

That’s the saying from the beginning of time, everyone wants success, but no one really knows the secrets to it. Oprah Winfrey said “your passion will lead you to your purpose”. People misunderstand these statements all the time, because people are dead set upon being rich and famous or just rich. Thus the word success represents money, fame and fortune to people. Statements like that are highly misleading to the brain, because we’re programed to match it to money. When we find our talents, it doesn’t mean the never-ending abundance of wealth will automatically flow our way; it only means you’ll do it with less stress and misery and you’ll find some kind of job happiness which transfers into our personal life as well. Mother Teresa found her passion and purpose. She traveled the world and helped the poor without a penny in her pocket. She was one of the poor herself, in fact. She died broke, but she lived her passion and fulfilled her purpose in life. She was happy. Maybe your talent is your true happiness. It might not guarantee fame and fortune, though Mother Teresa was famed, but you can be productive and lead a very happy life. I think that’s what we all strive for in the end. Happiness might be the key to it all.

Next time you find yourself in career confusion, ask yourself,

  • “Am I doing what I really enjoy?”
  • “Am I doing my job to the best of my ability?”
  • “Am I doing it with ease?”
  • “Am I happy in my work, with my company and in my life?”

Find your talent. You must have one with which you’ll find your success.

To your success.

Hanh Consulting

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H-Day Report – Have you sent out a compliment today?

complimentThis morning when I checked my email, I got a surprised compliment from a friend.  Reading it, I was like having a hanger in my mouth.  It was such a surprise, a good one.  It was a sincere and genuine compliment telling me what I did well and was helpful for what we are doing.  If there’s one thing I can say, it would be “It makes my day! Woo Hoo..”

Can you remember the point in time when you got a compliment from somebody, no matter a family, a relative, an acquaintance or even a stranger?  Now close your eyes and relive that moment.  What difference does it make for you?  What are you hearing?  What are you smelling?  What are you seeing?  What are you touching?  The more you incorporate the senses, the more you will feel the power of that compliment.

It is proven that a real compliment will increase a person’s self-esteem and make that person feel happier.  It is a strategic way to ask others to do more of whatever works to create more constructive outcomes.  It is a more effective way to help people remember you.  It is an easier technique to keep both you and the receiver in high spirit.

Would you want to be a compliment-giver and make other people’s lives more beautiful?

  • Smile.
  • Say “What’s better?” instead of “What’s wrong?”
  • Be sincere and genuine;
  • Be specific and let the receivers know what exactly they did that you are complimenting.

It’s still early today.  Go out, meeting someone, pay attention to whatever you find good from them and send out a compliment.  Try to do it every day.  You will be surprised how fast your Circle of Influence is expanding.

To your success.

Hanh Consulting

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MMC Report|What is it you’re good at? |Do you really know?

Strengths-2We all want to be successful at something. We want to have success in our relationships, with friends, family and colleagues, but the one success we all yearn for and sometimes are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve is, financial success. We are driven by money, even when people say money doesn’t mean much to them, they’re still trapped on the money wheel chasing. The true GOD of the world today is money, you might not like the term God but facts are facts even if you disagree. We spend most of our days chasing money, trying to earn more and get more. Let’s face it, we all want the big house and the nice cars, admiration and recognition from others; who doesn’t like to feel good and look up to? Everyone does, it’s part of being human. But, it’s not easy to achieve financial success, it’s possible not easy. And even though some of us know that we’ll never be financially secure from our jobs, we still get up every day with the same commitment to what we’re used to and with the hope that it will or might change someday.

That someday however hopeful it might sound may never come, because we’re chasing our weakness and not our “TALENT”, our STRENGTHS. Most of us will never know what we’re really good at because we never give ourselves a chance to find out. We’re told to go to school, study hard and our future will be bright. And if we’re lacking in some areas of our studies, i.e. math, we need to get tutoring, work harder on it to get better. Instead of focusing on what our strengths are, we tend to focus on our weakness and try to fix it. Imagine the amount of energy we expel trying to improve on our weakness, what if we direct that energy to our strengths and recruit our weakness, how much stronger will we be? It seems it’s rooted in our DNA to try to become good in the areas we don’t excel, but so much time is wasted and when we do make some strides in developing our weakness, we find we’re still weak.

I have a personal example to share. I have two beautiful daughters, one is very good in English and the other is a math genius. I really believe one will be a famous writer and the other will invent some scientific formula like Einstein. My eldest is seventeen, the Writer, and I was talking to her over the weekend. She was frustrated because her teachers and her mom is pushing her to get good at math, which she hates and the more they push the more she hates it. That’s odd, how could she not like something that everyone who cares about her telling her it’s good for her to get better at it? This is what we do; we focus so much on fixing our weakness that we miss our strengths, and if we’re lucky enough, some of us might realize our strengths later on in life and we might still have time to capitalize on it and bring it to the world.

The point is, find your talent and you’ll more likely find your success. You see, Talent, is something you do naturally and weakness is something you have to force yourself to do until someday it becomes a habit, and you’ll be miserable in your habit of weakness.

Stock PhotoRecruit your weakness and build on your strengths, for endless possibilities lies only in your strengths.


The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy.

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

To Your Success

The RS Team

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WDR|Do You Want To Be Successful?|

success-pushHow to Be Successful

Many people want to achieve success in life, but it’s easier said than done. There are so many distractions that it can be challenging to discipline one’s self to accomplish a monumental goal. By keeping the following advice in mind, however, you can dramatically increase your chances of becoming successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

Find your talent and it’s more likely you’ll find your success. Most of us spend our life doing things we’re not good at, and when you’re doing things you’re not good at or you don’t enjoy it too much, it usually requires a lot of effort. You’re talent is your natural way of doing things, therefore, whenever you’re utilizing your talent, it’s effortless. Success isn’t easy to achieve but it’s not impossible.

Find success here

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”
Albert Einstein

To Your Success

The RS Team



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H-Day Report – Be like a bamboo

giant_bamboo_shootsBamboo’s long life makes it a Chinese symbol of longevity. In India it is a symbol of friendship. In Japan, bamboo forests often surround Shinto shrines as a sacred protection against evil spirits. In Vietnam, bamboo is a symbol for the soul and often represents ideas of hard-working, optimism, unity and adaptability.

Do you know, after the bamboo tree is planted, in the first four years, all of the growth is underground. The only thing visible above the ground is a little bulb and a small shoot coming out of. Then in the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows up to 80 feet. How does this make you feel?

What a wonderful plant! It symbolizes so perfectly of a Chinese idiom, “hòu jī bó fā” meaning to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. It is the preparation of the ground, the absorption of the water and nutrition, the nature of growing upwards, that create the momentum.

We all want to have a success like that spurt, victorious, glamorous, grand, spectacular, you name it. If we want the result, we have to accept the preparation, the accumulation and the persistence along the way, even if when we can’t see immediate result. Build ourselves strong, physically, mentally and spiritually. Empower ourselves with faith, courage and vision and the momentum will push us up like the bamboo.

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