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H-Day Report – Find success by doing the things you don’t like


bigger-yes-burning-inside-stephen-coveyLast night I went to bed really late past midnight, but I woke up at 3 this morning, and couldn’t fall back to sleep. My mind kept running at full speed with everything bothers me recently, the things that I don’t like. I knew right then that my Wednesday would be ruined by my tiredness, sluggish and absent-minded.

I am not a person who could be beaten easily. I want success in my life. I quench for the celebration, the self-realization, the moment of victory. A powerful quote hit me at that dark moment:

Albert E. N. Gray said:

“The successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”

What is my purpose? Is it strong enough to surpass my disliking? When I seriously thought about these questions, my mind started to calm down and my thinking started to make sense. I have listed my reasons for living:

  • Raise my children to be successful individuals who can find their proper positions in this world.
  • Explore my dormant potentials and use them to create possibilities.
  • Take care of my family and let them know that I’m always here when they need me.
  • Leave the world as a good person and an individual who makes marks on other people’s lives.
  • Work together with my partner to fulfill his mission to set up the foundation for disadvantaged kids, the “Innocent Foundation”.
  • Live till I can’t live any more to see the world and enjoy the excitement of living.

I have strong dislike of some people, as we all do.  I dislike the fact that I’m the substitute of some of the people I dislike. I dislike the fact that some of the people I care about are amongst people I don’t like. I dislike the fact that I can’t speak out my disliking to the people involved…These are a few of the challenges we all face each day, some are tougher than others.

But are these strong enough to take away my determination on my path? Are these strong enough to change the look of my grand vision? What are the consequences of stop doing what I am doing just to avoid these disliking and challenges? Or am I giving them too much attention?

There is uncertainty in my path. There are dissatisfaction along the way. There are painful moment once in a while. But none of them are strong enough to knock me down, because I won’t let them. I choose not to be knocked down, and if it happens, I will get back up and continue on. I will not be deter b y anything, and I know if I am to discipline myself and stick to the plan for doing those things, I will find positive progress in my doings and breakthrough rewards. My grand vision will be realized, nothing and no one can stop me. I feel Rhinosorously (my word) I feel unstoppable charging ahead on the path of SUCCESS. I will be.

I carve the quote in my mind:

“The successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”

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M|M|C Report |How Well Do You Bounce?|

everything_you_wantHow strong is your Resilience and Vision

In life, we’re always getting knocked down. The unexpected frequently happens and it continues coming at us like a ten ton Rhino.

What do you do? How well do you bounce back? These are the questions to ask yourself. We hear all the time that “It’s not in the knocking down that counts, but it’s in the bouncing back that matters.” Life is hard, that’s true. It will build you up, tear you down and turn you inside out and when you feel this is it, it cannot get any worst than this, then surprise, it just  got worst. This is where decisive actions matters the most, and what separates the people who makes it and the ones who don’t.

The choice at this point is always clearer than ever. It is as if you can see everything even though your mind is cluttered with despair and disappointment. But this is a dangerous zone, because you can see clearly that this is the time to give up and do something else and at the same time you can see clearly that, maybe I should get up and carry on. However, giving up urges always seems stronger than carry on urges, if you give in, it’s over and if you don’t, you are probably just three feet from success.  it’s time to tweak what you’re doing, because whatever it is, it hasn’t worked yet. But one millimeter to the left or the right might be the BOOM you’re looking for and that’s when the magic happens. But that’s not what most people do. Most people just stay laying down or move on to something else and before you know it, a bouncer picks up your idea and make it work. This is where the hind sight comes in, the songs of sorrows, the if i did know. At this point you’re way too late, you’ve laid down too long. My advice, make the millimeter adjustment and get the hell up.

We all get knocked down and some of us more than others. However, what makes the difference is the vision each person has. If our vision is limited, we tend to make choices on whatever is right in front of us. We react to what is urgent, driven by our feelings and moods. We vacillate and fluctuate. Our decisions and focuses keep changing from day to day. If our vision is based on illusion, we make choices based on the rose-tinted imagination in our mind. However, when these choices fail to create what we expect, we don’t trust our dream anymore. If our vision is partial, focusing only on economic and social needs, ignoring mental and spiritual needs, our choices will lead to imbalance. If our vision is based on social mirror, we lose the capability of self-reflection without considering a peer’s viewpoint. We lose connection with our inner selves, with our uniqueness and contributions.

Stephen Covey has given a vibrant and momentum definition of “passion of vision” –

“Our vision is a deep, sustained energy that comes from a comprehensive, principle-based, need-based, endowment-based seeing that goes beyond chromos and even kairos….It taps into the deep core of who we are and what we are about. It’s fueled by the realization of the unique contribution we have the capacity to make – the legacy we can leave. It clarifies purpose, gives direction, and empowers us to perform beyond our resources.”

When we feel the pressure from being knocked-down, when we feel the reluctance to continue, look inside our core, and feel our vision. Let the passion lead us to bounce back.

To live. To love. To learn. To leave a legacy.

To your success.

The RS Team.

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W|D|R – A Brief Encounter

brief encounterI was sitting on the bus to the subway station, reading. A big lady got on the bus and stood in front of me. When the bus came to the terminal station, everybody started to get off the bus. Me, too. The big lady started to move toward the door. Like other passengers who were sitting, I stood up. However, I noticed an unhappy expression on the big lady’s face, shaking her head and got off the bus before me. I was about to let it go. But on the other hand, I was so curious about why she shook her head.

At that time I was reading the chapter on endowments in Stephen Covey’s First Things First. I decided to find out the reason. The big lady walked slowly and she was quite a few steps behind me. I stopped to wait for her. I walked up to her, “Excuse me, Ma’am. May I know why you shook your head on the bus looking at me?” She was holding a serious look and frowning, “Well, if you sit, you should wait till the standing passengers pass then stand up. Just now, you stood up in front me like cutting me in the front. I don’t feel like it.” I kept looking at her eyes and said, “Oh, I’m sorry about that.”, thinking I consider myself a very polite person. Well, maybe I stood up too fast. She kept talking while we walked toward the escalator, “It’s etiquette to wait, right?…..”  I kept nodding and acknowledging her complaint. Then she showed a smile and said “Have a good day!” “A good day to you, too!” We both smiled and went on our way.

I felt so happy about this brief encounter. I don’t like the unhappy expression and the head shake from that lady, but we ended up happily, I wish she felt it as I did. The reason I decided to talk to the lady was because I sensed something not right that led to her head shaking. I spotted her head shaking because I paid attention to that detail.

Coincidentally, what I read at that time was teaching the four endowments of human beings, self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. According to Stephen Covey, these endowments reside in the space between stimulus and response, between those things that happen to us and our response to them. An essence of that is

“Between stimulus and response, there’s a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

We all have each of these endowments. We’ve all had moments of self-awareness. We’ve all had times that we listen to and act in harmony with our inner voice. We’ve all had experiences when we acted based on what we felt important instead of reacting to emotion or circumstances. We’ve all had moments of vision, moments of inspired creativity. But at the meantime, undoubtedly, we’ve all had times of blindness, times we ignore or resist the inner guiding system, moments of highly reactive behaviour, moments without vision or imagination.

It takes time and practice to truly develop our endowments and let the powerful synergy guide our lives. But it will come to us if we take the time and really practice.

To your success.

The RS Team

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H-Day Report – Manifest Abundance As Easy As Thought…

We all wish we had more love, , health, respect, and money. It’s like we will never have enough of those. We have become a culture that holds these things in high regard; the more we have the worthier we think we are. However, anyone can have prosperity and abundance, no matter their background, if they stay on the correct pathway.

Let’s start with Mindvalley Academy to manifest abundance.

There is no struggle involved in manifesting abundance. No sacrifice. No ridiculously long hours put in at work. Not even being in the right place at the right time. Sure, you can manifest abundance that way, but it’s not necessary.

Chances are, you’re working hard and trying to save money, just like you were taught – but if you’re still struggling financially, there has to be more to it than that.

And it’s not the economy.

Current economic conditions affect your sense of abundance… if you allow them to. It’s a hard concept to accept, in the face of serious financial struggle but your sense of abundance is 100% controlled by you.

manmeditatinManifesting abundance starts by overcoming the lack within.

The good news is, you are given the same playing field as anyone else. Plenty of people are born into wealthy circumstances; yet just as many start with absolutely nothing and create lives of abundance.

How is this possible? How can you start from where you are (probably worried about money and desperately seeking ways to have more, just so you can sleep at night)… and create unlimited abundance?

You’ve probably heard about the power of thoughts – “what you think about, comes about” and “ask, and you shall receive” – so if you’ve thinking and asking all the right things, why is abundance not manifesting? Why are you still struggling?

The trick to manifesting abundance is to look beyond your conscious thoughts and delve into the subconscious mind and your beliefs. You literally have to change your mind in order to change your financial status. You think, “I want to be rich” or “I deserve abundance” – but your energy, or the vibrations you project, are not congruent with those sentiments.

walkingonwaterThe real key to manifesting abundance is BELIEVING what you want to see manifest. 

Quantum physics helps explain this. It has been proven by science that the observer influences the results. Scientists discovered that when they observe something, it behaves according to their expectations. When something is NOT observed, it behaves differently. This startling discovery wasn’t a fluke. It has been demonstrated time and time again.

When you think about abundance, what do you expect the situation to be? Do you expect to live a life of struggle and hardship, barely scraping by? Do you expect to have more than you need to survive, with plenty left over for fun?

Intentions and Results

The power of your thoughts – your intentions – manifest in the physical. You, the observer, influence the results. That is what is meant by “ask, and ye shall receive”!

Everything is energy. Things – including unseen things like sound and thoughts – are not “made up of” energy. They ARE energy. Every energy body has its own vibrational frequency. Your thoughts; your words; money; a rose; apple juice; quartz crystal; light; sound – you get the picture! Similar energies attract each other. Similar energies resonate; there is harmony and attraction between them. Unlike energies repel each other; there is dissonance and destruction.

If your unconscious beliefs about abundance are at odds with the energy of abundance (including but not exclusively money) then you REPEL abundance. It’s that simple!

Based on your unconscious beliefs, you EXPECT a certain outcome. You can talk and talk about wanting abundance, but if you don’t project it energetically – that is, if you don’t expect abundance – then you won’t experience it.

Changing the Expectations

When you’re happy, you feel light and energized.

When you’re unhappy, you feel heavy and lethargic.

This is no coincidence! The secret to manifesting abundance is deliberately moving toward the feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness! Abundance and positive emotions feel good, light and effortless. They have high frequencies that naturally attract each other. Put yourself among those energies and you’ll attract them effortlessly!

  • “As you sow, so shall you reap” – think the good thoughts that raise your vibration – and manifest abundance
  • “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – do the good deeds and say the kind words that raise your vibration – and manifest abundance!

meditationcloseupAny vibration you offer will return to you as life circumstances. Any vibration you project comes back as a perfectly corresponding manifestation. That is universal law.

It’s how you, as an individual, vibrate, that determines the quality of your life.

Are you vibrating high with love, compassion, enthusiasm, happiness, appreciation and optimism? Or are you vibrating low with fear, anxiety, depression, judgment, criticism, blame and worry? Which one will send abundance scurrying away and which will magnetically attract it? 

If you’re unhappy and worried about your current financial state, you create LESS abundance. You are vibrating “unhappy and worried about money”. 

What you sow, you reap… and you will manifest the people and situations that prove that you should be unhappy and worried about money. But it’s really the other way around… if you just CHANGE the way you see your current situation, abundance will come flooding to you!

Tips for raising your vibration and manifesting abundance:

1. Meditate on abundance.

Feel it. Embody it.

2. Visualize abundance.

Use visualization exercises to hone your skills so you can clearly picture yourself having unlimited abundance.

3. Give your best, always.

Give your best thoughts; words; deeds. Give YOURSELF the best too. Stop putting yourself down and criticizing yourself. ALL energy you offer comes back to you as manifestation; it doesn’t matter at whom or at what your energy is directed; it matters THAT it is offered.

4. Choose gratitude.

External conditions do not have to affect you. Choose to be grateful. Choose to see the upside in any situation. Choose to appreciate what you have. Choose to be happy and satisfied with what you have… and you’ll automatically feel abundant!

5. Expect abundance.

How do you know how high your vibration is? Do you feel good and are you attracting the good things you desire? No? Then think, do or say something that makes you feel good. You are in control of your abundance.

To your success.

The RS Team

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MMC|Why the Worst Betrayal is Against Yourself|BY Caroline Myss

WORST-EnemyAre we self – destructive by nature?

A friend sent me this article this past weekend and the headline was so compelling, it brought me back to times when I was in full awareness of self – destruction. I thought I needed to re-post this for my readers. It’s a topic no one wants to talk about or can really accept about them self; no one wants to think that they are their own worst enemy and that we are stopping our self from growing and achieving what we want out of life.  Because everyone wants to blame everyone and everything else for their failures. The truth however, has always been that no one can stop us but us, no one creates our circumstances but us. And, we all know what to do, but we never do it.

I know this first hand because of my many self sabotages over the years.  The worst one is “poverty” but addicts of all kinds do this very well also.  Poverty is such a vicious cycle, we get so comfortable in it that when we start achieving any level of success we tend to start doing things to self sabotage and self destruct, and the worst part is, we do them unconsciously and without realization, until we fall right back into the comfortable arms of poverty, drugs, alcohol etc. Why do we do these things ? Why do we betray ourselves? That’s a question for the expert Caroline Myss, so read on to get the answers on how to stay on your course to achieve your deserving success

True To You: Why the Worst Betrayal is Against Yourself: By Caroline Myss

How many times have you come home feeling like your day just cost you a piece of your life? How many times have you allowed yourself to remain in a situation that forced the negotiation of your integrity?

In other words… How many times have you betrayed yourself?

In this 4-minute interview, best-selling author Caroline Myss reveals that you know you have found your calling when you’re no longer in a position where you are compromising your personal integrity by making life choices or choosing circumstances that harm or betray who you really are.

Why do we allow self-betrayal to start with?

Caroline explains that often we are simply too afraid to change. The idea of believing in and trusting ourselves enough to make the changes we need can be overwhelming. But watch this video to hear why it is absolutely necessary to stay true to yourself.

caromyssAbout Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), and developed the field of Energy Anatomy – a science that correlates specific emotional/psychological/ physical/spiritual stress patterns with diseases. In addition to her written work, Caroline has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes. Watch the video to see the interview with Caroline and Oprah

If you interested in overcoming your own fears and anxieties and developing a powerful self-esteem rooted in personal integrity, sign up for Caroline Myss’s program, “Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power” in the Mindvalley Academy.

Click here to learn more about Caroline Myss’s “Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power” program.

To Your Success

The RS Team

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WDR|Weekend Development Report|Sell Something-Sell The Pen

market-of-tomar-people-selling- ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Everyone is a sales person whether we know it or not. We are always buying or selling something and since some of us are doing this unconsciously, we might as well know what we’re doing, so we can be more effective in our doings, and use it to our advantage to get what we want from others. Sound a bit selfish; I don’t think so. Everyone does, individuals, governments, organizations, corporations and small business a like and, if we can do it to get what we want in life, why not?

If you are a conscious influencer, meaning, (you know what you’re doing, you are in awareness that you are persuading someone to get what you want) when you are capable of doing it with awareness, then you can truly become successful and achieve anything you want in life. The power to influence others is just that “POWERFUL” and even though we all possess the skill to influence we can develop this one ability to achieve greatness in any endeavor. Some of the wealthiest and most famous people had to learn to be influencers. For example; Warren Buffet, even though he had a Master of Science in Economics, he still went and took a Dale Carnegie course in the 1950s to learn the art of influence. He attributes most of his success to this art, because not knowing how to persuade people, he wouldn’t have been able to convinced them to invest in him and his company, and he wouldn’t have amass the level of wealth he’s sitting on today.


Sell me this “Pen”

Sell me this pen is becoming a popular question these days. Everyone is asking it during an interview and it’s not only being asked to people who’s applying for sales position. It’s being asked to everyone because they’re trying to see if you can be creative and think on your feet, so to speak. The fact that it’s being asked is good enough for you to start learning how to be an influencer, because you never know when and where a question like this might come up. There’s a possibility you might be ask this question if you’re vying for a promotion in your company, applying for a new position in a different or if you’re a coach, a consultant or a small business that is trying to get a contract. Either way it’s important to know how. Influencing people to get what you want is important to your success so, learn how to.

In the heyday of John D Rockefeller, he said that “the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee. And I will pay more for that ability, than for any other under the sun.”

This is the POWER if influence. I challenge you to go out this weekend and persuade someone to give you something, do something for you or negotiate whatever you’re buying this weekend and get the best deal. Demonstrate this to yourself, then go and learn and strengthen this skill.

If you want to know more about this POWER OF INFLUENCE, contact us, we’re masters at this.

To your success

 The RS Team

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H-Day Champs|WHAT IT TAKES TO BE NUMBER ONE|by Vince Lombardi

What It Takes to be Number One

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game, and that’s first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don’t ever want to finish second again. There is a second place bowl game, but it is a game for losers played by losers. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win.

Every time a football player goes to ply his trade he’s got to play from the ground up – from the soles of his feet right up to his head. Every inch of him has to play. Some guys play with their heads. That’s O.K. You’ve got to be smart to be number one in any business. But more importantly, you’ve got to play with your heart, with every fiber of your body. If you’re lucky enough to find a guy with a lot of head and a lot of heart, he’s never going to come off the field second.

Running a football team is no different than running any other kind of organization – an army, a political party or a business. The principles are the same. The object is to win – to beat the other guy. Maybe that sounds hard or cruel. I don’t think it is.

It is a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games draw the most competitive men. That’s why they are there – to compete. The object is to win fairly, squarely, by the rules – but to win.

And in truth, I’ve never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline. There is something in good men that really yearns for discipline and the harsh reality of head to head combat.

I don’t say these things because I believe in the ‘brute’ nature of men or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”
– Coach Vincent T. Lombardi


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MMC|Monday Morning Champ|What Can We Learn From The World Cup









The guards had let their guard down and gave it away, literally gave it away. Fatigue can cause us to lose sight and before we realize it BOOM and it’s over. This is a confirmation that things really happens in the seconds, and if you keep your awareness in tact nothing gets pass you. This is what we do as humans. We don’t pay attention and opportunities go by us and before we know it, someone else who’s aware catches it. This is when hind sight comes in, too late. The point: consciousness is an emotional state that keeps us alert, keeps us focus and allows us to stay in the moment, because that’s when it happens. Germany obviously was in the moment and didn’t lose sight for one second. They carried razor sharp awareness throughout the game waiting patiently and looking for the loopholes and as soon as the opening became available, they took advantage and won the game in the final minutes.

This is what leaders do, this is how champions operates. They don’t bleed because they don’t have time to, they don’t feel pain because it doesn’t matter; the only thing matters, is the mission, the task at hand and nothing will deter them from that. Champs don’t  get shaken easily, they don’t get distracted by anything. They are focus, patient, persistent and methodical in their approach, and when it’s time to strike, it appears like a magic trick by the great Hoodini; it leaves you in awe wondering, what the hell just happened. This was the look Argentina had when Germany scored, everyone was in disbelief, like; What the f*&# was that!

I believed Argentina had a great chance and gave it away. They played too much defense and allowed Germany to advance in their goal zone too often. It seems they played the game and use the same strategies as the US did against Belgium, and we all see what happened there. The strategy was good but it sent the wrong message. Too much defense don’t win games and It tells the other team you’re scared of them, you also need to have scoring in your strategy, you have to score to win, which Argentina had very little opportunities to do it. Therefore, the numbers worked in Germany’s favor. Congratulations to the champs!

I must admit I was wrong in my predictions even though I still think Argentina should have won. We can learn a lot from these games. They all have lessons that’s applicable to business and life. Let’s not allow fatigue to have us lose focus when we’re only three feet away from our goal. Be aware and stay in the moment, pay attention to the seconds because they matters the most. This reminds me of a quote by Vince Lombardi, in the piece he called “what it takes to be #1″ he ended it with this. “I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious” That says it all.



To your success.

The RS Team



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WDR|Wknd Development Report|Leadership & Couragous Lessons From Champions

Happy Friday Champs!

If you are a Brazil soccer fan like me, I’m sure this was not your week of choice. The way the game played out was nothing short of a disappointment for Brazil and it’s fans.

It certainly wasn’t a good week for Brazil National team manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari. Who apologized to fans for failing to lead the host to the World Cup final, saying the “catastrophic” defeat to Germany on Tuesday marked the “worst day” of his professional life.  This is the same coach who took Brazil to the 2002 World Cup Final. This goes to show that even great leaders and athletes  have terrible defeats sometimes. His acknowledgement and the ownership of his responsibility showed the utmost professionalism and the true nature of a great leader. It was a humbling experience for such a great team.

This is a great lesson to everyone. We cannot get complacent or over confident because that’s when our humbling experience happens. I’m not saying that’s what happen because Germany is a great soccer team but, Brazil is also a bad ass team as well.

At first I thought “sell out” the game was rigged, how could this happen? there’s no way this is normal, not to such a brilliant team with a long history of kicking ass. But then I thought about Black Berry “RIM” anyone remember them? They were asleep and read the market wrong while Apple and Samsung was kicking ass and taking names and by the time they wake up, it was too late. Fatigue, complacency and over confidence are all killers, and this too will be the reason for Germany to lose on Sunday to Argentina, damn it, I said it; yes, Argentina is going to win and they will win 2-1. I am predicting it, because I understand humans. We have a history of these happenings. We see it in individuals such as Politicians, Movie Stars, Athletes, CEO’s Entertainers and Corporations; it’s all around us everyday.

Brazil will bounce back from this defeat, the players and managers will pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on, and they will go on to win many games in the future even the World Cup. However, this loss will haunt them for a long time, and the media will not let them forget about it. They have two choices, they can play into the defeat and sing songs of sorrow on why we didn’t do this or do that and how come this has to happen to us and cumbaya around the bonfire of pity beating themselves up OR, they can get up, accept it, say yes we were whooped by Germany, beaten down like a step child, stomped on like a no body, so what! we had a bad day, that’s all, we don’t need to have a bad week, month or year.

Let’s practice with more intensity, let’s work harder to develop our skills, let’s develop our mental stamina, let’s be smarter and more effective with our methods, let’s look at what we’re doing right and do more of it. We are “BAD ASSES” WE ARE BRAZILIANS, WE ARE FIGHTERS, WE ARE THE CREATORS AND THE MAKERS OF THIS FREAKING SPORT CALL FOOTBALL, IT IS IN OUR BLOOD, OUR DNA, THIS IS OUR GAME.

“The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones. It is a test of a great player.”

- Pele

Defeat is temporary, it is only a state of mind. Get up, shake up, dust yourself off and get your ass moving.

Link Anthony

To Your success

The RS Team, achieving greatness in 200 meters actions



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H-DAY CHAMPS|What We Can All Learn from James Franco|by John Schneider|Forbes contrbutor

You might think that the motivation of this article came from James Franco’s Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial last night, but it didn’t.  I was on the elliptical machine at the gym a few months back when one of Denver’s local news shows aired a story on Franco that I could see on one of my gym’s TVs.  I’m not sure of the topic, but seeing Franco made me think about his career and education decisions.

Throughout the 2000s, Franco appeared in successful films such as Spider-Man, Pineapple Express, Milk and James Dean.  For the latter, he won a Golden Globe.  While having an arguably successful career, one of which he could choose to either not work again or become selective with his role choices, Franco moved to New York City to attend New York University’s Tisch School of Arts for Film-making.

What makes a Golden Globe winner go to acting school?  Humility.  How does this apply to money?  No matter our financial success, we can all practice humility.

Franco had awards and the admiration of his industry peers.  He could’ve rested on his laurels, basked in his success and maybe even become complacent.  Franco didn’t do that.  He believed he had more to learn.
We’ve all been in the space where we’re rockin’ it like Mary Richards at WJM TV.  Our life and our job are going well.  Our leaders and peers seek our council.  We’re making good money and all we see is continued success.  Just like a seven year sitcom, we can go from fresh and exciting to stale and tired.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show If we’ve achieve financial success, we must be careful about holding too strongly to our self-perceptions. We must be cautious about becoming complacent like The Broncos in the Super Bowl.  Because if we stop pushing ourselves, stop learning and stop growing after each success, we can cause ourselves to fail.

How do you keep growing to ensure financial success?  We have six recommendations.

Assess your performance.

Reflect on your past and current financial performance.  Assess what has and hasn’t worked.  Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What can I learn from my mistakes?
  • How can I expand on what has worked?

For example, if you’ve been spending too much money on food, consider ways to rein in this excess spending.  Try creating a grocery list and menu before going grocery shopping.  Get coupons online or from the Sunday newspaper.

If you haven’t been overspending because you’ve been managing a budget, learn how to apply that success to other areas of your financial life.  For instance, also tracking purchase dates and life-spans of your appliances such as your refrigerator, microwave and furnace can be financially helpful.  Keeping track of these will help with maintaining your appliances and forecasting large expenses for your budget.

Create an improvement plan.

Once you have an understanding of your current performance, consider how you may improve by learning more about money, the market and the economy.


Finance is often perceived as dry.  Who cares about a bunch of people yelling at each other on the stock exchange floor?  Do U.S. imports affect you more than last weekend’s highest grossing movie?  If you’re like Nicolas Cage, who cares about taxes?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  For starters, most of what goes on in finance does affect you.  If you want to be successful or continue to be successful, learn how these seemingly mundane topics influence your job, your business, your money and your income.

Though it’s valuable, you don’t have to read the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s to learn about the economy and markets.  There are a ton of websites, blogs and books from which you can learn.  Find the ones that speak to you and go back frequently to learn more.

Take what you learn and apply it to your plan.  Continue to tweak what needs tweaking and affirm what is working.

Commit to continuous growth.

Life is always changing.  The variables are always new.  Presidents change.  Laws change.  Economies change.  Consider how these factors affect you and learn to adjust accordingly to stay on track.

For example, create an emergency savings account so that you’re not at the mercy of these changes.  Even setting aside $500 to $1,000 while you’re paying off debt or striving for another financial goal will help you stay on track despite changes or accidents.  Imagine unpredictable events and consider fiscally sound responses.

Once you’ve paid off your credit card debt, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to not acquire credit card debt again.  You may have earned and saved your first $100,000 or $1 million.  That doesn’t mean you can’t lose it like George Foreman almost did before making an electric grill a household item.

By continually reading, learning, monitoring and assessing you can critically apply what you learn to your current financial situation.  Stay engaged with your money and don’t think that because you don’t have a lot yet or because someone else is managing your finances, that you aren’t personally responsible for your money.

Never stop promoting yourself.

Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up to date so that you’re always current and fresh.  Many companies have stopped posting available jobs on the Internet, opting instead to review online profiles and contacting viable candidates directly.  This reduces the flood of applications they receive these days because of high unemployment.  When a company reaches out to you, be prepared to quickly send an up-to-date resume. This may be an opportunity to increase your income.


Practice networking all the time.  You never know when you’re talking with a person of influence or when someone is sharing information that may help you increase your income, increase your net worth or help you get a promotion.

You may feel your current job is perfect because you’re raising children or some other reason.  How do you know the next opportunity isn’t better?  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but you don’t know unless you look at the lawn.

Train yourself to listen for and take advantage of opportunities like you’re a judge on Shark Tank.  Hear what people have to say and use your critical thinking skills to determine its opportunities.  Without listening adequately to further progress, people are missing opportunities all the time like Peyton Manning missed last night’s first snap.

Diversify your income stream.

Name a successful person today who doesn’t also have one or more published books, fragrances in their name, businesses they manage and products they endorse in addition to their “day” job.  While also an actor, Franco is a director, writer, producer, teacher and author.  Successful people do this to diversify their income stream.  This prepares them in case one stream fails.

Most people diversify their income by also having a partner with a job, but that doesn’t have to be it.  Invest your savings.  There are many ways to invest your hard earned money.  Find a way that works for you.
Turn your hobby into a side business.  Figure out how to earn money from something you’re already doing or that you enjoy.  Write a blog on a topic of which you’re passionate.  Use your creativity.

Never take yourself too seriously.


Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously.  We all saw Your Highness, right?  Probably not and that’s a good thing.  It’s also a good thing that Franco didn’t let the failure of Your Highness define him.  He can laugh it off and use it to improve.

You’re going to make mistakes.  You’re going to realize you missed something.  That’s okay.  Learn from your errors, improve on them, and then laugh them off.

When you succeed don’t become complacent.  Complacency often happens when we settle or believe we have it all in the bag.  When you think that’s the case for you, read this article again.  There’s always room for improvement.

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