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MMC|The Ten Happiest Jobs|Forbes Contributor|Steve Denning


I had to republished this article after reading it because it sends such a powerful message. We always think, only if we have more money or if I could get more pay everything will be fine, I’ll be happier and less stress. This article clearly demonstrates that you can choose to be happy if you look at your job differently, i.e. Think in terms that you’re helping humanity, adding to our society and keeping the global economic wheel going. In other words, think of yourself as an asset to the world and your views will change, you’ll feel better about who you are and what you do. And, if that doesn’t work, change your job or become a Clergy.

Enjoy this lovely article by Steve Denning |The Ten Happiest Jobs vs The Ten Most Hated Jobs

In my article on the Ten Most Hated Jobs, there were some surprises. There are also some surprises in the ten happiest jobs, as reported a General Social Survey by the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago. (I am indebted to Lew Perelman for drawing my attention to the Christian Science Monitor article.)………….Bob Thomas/IStock Photo

Clergy man

1.  Clergy:  The least worldly are reported to be the happiest of all

2. Firefighters: Eighty percent of firefighters are “very satisfied” with their jobs, which involve helping people.

3. Physical therapists: Social interaction and helping people apparently make this job one of the happiest.

4. Authors: For most authors, the pay is ridiculously low or non-existent, but the autonomy of writing down the contents of your own mind apparently leads to happiness.

5.  Special education teachers: If you don’t care about money, a job as special education teacher might be a happy profession. The annual salary averages just under $50,000.

6. Teachers: Teachers in general report being happy with their jobs, despite the current issues with education funding and classroom conditions. The profession continues to attract young idealists, although fifty percent of new teachers are gone within five years.

7. Artists: Sculptors and painters report high job satisfaction, despite the great difficulty in making a living from it.

8. Psychologists: Psychologists may or may not be able to solve other people’s problems, but it seems that they have managed to solve their own.

9. Financial services sales agents: Sixty-five percent of financial services sales agents are reported to be happy with their jobs. That could be because some of them are clearing more than $90,000 dollars a year on average for a 40-hour work week in a comfortable office environment.

10. Operating engineers: Playing with giant toys like bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes, scrapers, motor graders, shovels, derricks, large pumps, and air compressors can be fun.  With more jobs for operating engineers than qualified applicants, operating engineers report being happy.

In Pictures: 10 Happiest Jobs

Ten most hated jobs

It’s interesting to compare these jobs with the list of the ten most hated jobs, which were generally much better paying and have higher social status. What’s striking about the list is that these relatively high level people are imprisoned in hierarchical bureaucracies. They see little point in what they are doing. The organizations they work for don’t know where they are going, and as a result, neither do these people.

1. Director of Information Technology

2. Director of Sales and Marketing

3. Product Manager

4. Senior Web Developer

5. Technical Specialist

6. Electronics Technician

7. Law Clerk

8. Technical Support Analyst

9. CNC Machinist

10. Marketing Manager

The meaningfulness of lives

Why were these jobs with better pay and higher social status less likely to produce happiness? Todd May writing in the New York Times argues that “A meaningful life must, in some sense then, feel worthwhile.  The person living the life must be engaged by it.  A life of commitment to causes that are generally defined as worthy — like feeding and clothing the poor or ministering to the ill — but that do not move the person participating in them will lack meaningfulness in this sense. However, for a life to be meaningful, it must alsobe worthwhile. Engagement in a life of tiddlywinks does not rise to the level of a meaningful life, no matter how gripped one might be by the game.”

This is what underlies the difference between the happiest jobs and the most hated jobs. One set of jobs feels worthwhile, while in the other jobs, people can’t see the point. The problems in the most hated jobs can’t be solved by job redesign or clearer career paths. Instead the organizations must undertake fundamental change to manage themselves in a radically different way with a focus on delighting the customer through continuous innovation and all the consequent changes that are needed to accomplish that. The result of doing this in firms like AmazonApple and is happy customers, soaring profits and workers who can see meaning in their work.

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WDR|Loyal Employees Are Punished More

|Source Forbes|Author Cameron Keng

Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less

The worst kept secret is that employees are making less on average every year. There are millions of reasons for this, but we’re going to focus on one that we can control. null

Keep in mind that 50% is a conservative number at the lowest end of the spectrum.  This is assuming that your career is only going to last 10 years.  The longer you work, the greater the difference will become over your lifetime.

Loyal-Employees-PeopleArguments for Changing Jobs

The average raise an employee can expect in 2014 is 3%. Even the most under-performing employee can expect a 1.3% raise. The best performers can hope for a 4.5% raise.  But, the inflation rate is currently 2.1% calculated based on the Consumer Price Index published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that your raise is actually less than 1%.  This is probably sobering enough to make you reach for a drink.

In 2014, the average employee is going to earn less than a 1% raise and there is very little that we can do to change management’s decision. But, we can decide whether we want to stay at a company that is going to give us a raise for less than 1%. The average raise an employee receives for leaving is between a 10% to 20% increase in salary. Obviously, there are extreme cases where people receive upwards of 50%, but this depends on each person’s individual circumstances and industries.

Why are people who jump ship rewarded, when loyal employees are punished for their dedication? The answer is simple. Recessions allow businesses to freeze their payroll and decrease salaries of the newly hired based on “market trends.” These reactions to the recession are understandable, but the problem is that these reactions were meant to be “temporary.” Instead they have become the “norm” in the marketplace. More importantly, we have all become used to hearing about “3% raises” and we’ve accepted it as the new “norm.”

John Hollon, former editor of, remembers when “5% was considered an average annual pay increase.” The amount of fear the media created surrounding the recession and its length has given companies the perfect excuse to shrink payroll and lower employee salary expectations in the long-run.

The world is desperate for skilled labor and companies around the globe are starving for talent.  Companies can tout technology replacing labor, but it is only exacerbating the global shortage of human capital and skilled workers. This means that we as employees are positioned better than ever to leverage our abilities for increased pay.

Bethany Devine, a Senior Hiring Manager in Silicon Valley, CA who has worked with Intuit and other Fortune 500 companies explains, “I would often see resumes that only had a few years at each company. I found that the people who had switched companies usually commanded a higher salary. The problem with staying at a company forever is you start with a base salary and usually annual raises are based on a percentage of your current salary. There is often a limit to how high your manager can bump you up since it’s based on a percentage of your current salary. However, if you move to another company, you start fresh and can usually command a higher base salary to hire you. Companies competing for talent are often not afraid to pay more when hiring if it means they can hire the best talent. Same thing applies for titles. Some companies have a limit to how many promotions they allow each year. Once you are entrenched in a company, it may become more difficult to be promoted as you may be waiting in line behind others who should have been promoted a year ago but were not due to the limit. However, if you apply to another company, your skills may match the higher title, and that company will hire you with the new title. I have seen many coworkers who were waiting on a certain title and finally received it the day they left and were hired at a new company.”

Even more importantly, when I asked Devine her thoughts on employees who had remained in the same company for periods long past the two year mark, she explained that she did feel that some were “underpaid” or had the potential to earn more.

Jessica Derkis started her career earning $8 per hour ($16,640 annual salary) as the YMCA’s marketing manager.  Over 10 years, she’s changed employers five times to ultimately earn $72,000 per year at her most recent marketing position.  This is approximately a 430% increase over a 10 year career.  Derkis’ most recent transition resulted in a 50% increase to her salary.  Derkis’ is a great example of how “owning your career” can make a huge difference in your income and career path.


Arguments Against Changing Jobs

People are worried that “changing jobs to often” will reflect negatively on employee resumes. I can definitely understand this fear because everyone is always worried about being unmarketable. I will be the first to admit that it is possible that certain employers may look at a resume with multiple transitions as a negative and may even disqualify an applicant based on that alone.

But, the important question is whether the risk outweighs the reward. Christine Mueller, President of TechniSearch Recruiters, has had clients that “will not consider anyone who has had more than three jobs in the last 10 years, no matter the reason.” Even so, Mueller still recommends that an employee makes a transition every three to four years for maximum salary gains.  Thus, the question is less about whether employees should jump ship, but how long they should wait before jumping to maximize their salaries and achieve their goals.

Brendan Burke, Director at Headwaters MB, strongly disagrees with the “up-and-out culture.”  He explains that “companies turn over great employees because they’re not organizationally strong enough to support rapid development within their ranks. In many cases, that is a recipe for discontinuity in service and product offerings as well as disloyalty in the ranks. As such, we take the opposite approach. Rather than force folks out after 24 months, we try to retain our junior and mid-level staff and develop them within the ranks.”

Mr. Burke is absolutely correct. Most companies are not equipped to “rapidly” promote and reward their best employees for a variety of reasons such as office politics. Everyone that has worked in the labor pool hates office politics, but understands that it is an unavoidable evil and is more often than not a major obstacle to rewarding talent.

Finally, we’ve been talking about money a lot.  Andrew Bauer, CEO of Royce Leather, explains that jumping ship can be “stressful.” Employees also need to consider their “quality of life, mental health, physical health and better moral standards.” Mr. Bauer is right. Money is important, but it must be balanced with everything else in your life. Monetary compensation is only one part of your life, and it should not dictate everything.

Jumping ship is a risk that we all need to weigh at a personal level.  In my career, jumping ship is something I’ve done aggressively and frequently. I’ve never looked back and regretted my decisions because I’ve always felt that my skills deserved more. Hiring a single employee who is able to perform even 10% more efficiently is worth at least a 25% increase in salary. Companies spend a lot of money to pay recruiters, human resourcing to conduct background checks and the time of existing employees to hire and train new people. It’s always cheaper to just hire better people and pay them more.


It’s a fact that employees are underpaid. Instead of focusing on things we can’t control like the economy or management decisions, focus on the things we can. Employees can control their own salaries by aggressively negotiating their opportunities and being unafraid to ask for more.

Clearly, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Not everyone may be able to make this decision immediately, but every employee should consider the option. I don’t fault employers and businesses for the market because it’s their right and duty to maximize their profits. But, null

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Happy H-Day Champs |10 Reasons to love Hump-Day

funny humpWednesday, or the hump of the week
The absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive. A particularly good hump day can last you the rest of the week, and by Doomsday morning (Monday) you survive by anticipating hump day. Nothing goes wrong on hump day

The hump shape of a camel is like a hill or mound and people feel like climbing up their workweek Mondays and Tuesdays, while Thursdays and Fridays represents going down the hill. Wednesday is the middle of the workweek and forms the peak of the hump.

Most other days can be defined by hump day. Tuesday is the day before hump day. Thursday is one day after hump day. Except Friday is WOOOH!!! FREEDOM!!! Day, Saturday is Mostly Hangover day-shopping day, and Sunday is Pre-Doom relaxing day. Prepping for Monday. Make everyday H-Day and life will never be the same again.

Here are 10 good reasons to love HUMP DAY

HumpDay-1-giggles10-On Hump Day you’re on the peak, yeah!

 9- It’s all down hill from here-smooth sailing baby

 8-You’re almost there, just not yet

 7-Friday is only 2 days away, yeah!

 6-Friday is so close I can smell victory

 5-There’s nothing you can say or do to me to make me want to kick your ass

 4-This work thing isn’t so bad at all, I really like it

 3-My colleagues starting to look really good, I never notice before

2-Shit, my boss is a nice guy!

1-I can’t wait to get the hell out of here and away from these people

Want to learn how to make More Money, Have Less Stress and Live a Happier link

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M|M|C Report – Power Monday – Life is Beautiful

Life-Is-Beautiful-Installation-1On my long flight to Beijing, I revisited the movie “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni. I already knew all the plots of the movie, and this time, it just touched me deeper in my soul.

How much imagination you should have for your life that can turn the worst suffering into the funniest game?

How much responsibility you should have for the person you care about most to keep your head above water, so that the cared ones won’t feel the stress or frustrations you have?

How much determination you should have for yourself to present to other people the most hopefulness in the most hopeless situations?

How much faith you should have to fully believe that life is beautiful and act upon it?

Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian bookstore owner, took full responsibility of a father, employed his most creative imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp, by making the son believe that being in such a hell was completely a game. He made stories, jokes and games to protect the young heart from fear, disappointment, hopelessness and desperation, even until the end of his life. He created the atmosphere that even though it was extremely hard, there was always hope; there was always an award waiting for the winner, for whom life is beautiful.

It’s not necessary to experience that extreme hardship for us to understand that we make the choice of how to look at life. Life itself is there in front of us, no matter if you like it or not; but we can have the attitude to find the beauty of life and in life.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of money you earn, you can choose to complain or you can do something on the side to build up your wealth.

If you are not happy about your relationship, you can choose to hold the grudge and let it complete break down the connection or you can find a way to create a bridge to get into that heart and create opportunities to heal.

If you are not in the ideal weight range due to overeating, you can choose to give up or you can keep the faith that you are important and important people love themselves by getting grips from overeating.

open your eyesTake the power of your life. You will find life is beautiful. Being alive in itself is a beautiful gift.

“A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the “why” for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any how.”

– From Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”


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Happy-BabyAfter the grouchy Monday, the taking-off Tuesday, the H-day Wednesday and the “this close” Thursday, Friday is finally here. There is a research on Why Friday is the Best –

10 – On Friday, you get to look back at your week and feel good about what you accomplished Monday – Thursday.  And if you were a slacker and didn’t get anything done, then Friday is your chance to say “I’ll work extra hard next week.”

9 – Friday allows for a little silliness, whereas the other days of the week seem, somewhat serious.

8 – Friday is the end of one thing, and the beginning of something else.

7 – You get to use TGIF in emails, blog posts, tweets and text messages.

6 – It is the best day to start a road trip.

5 – It is the one day of the week, that everyone looks forward to.

4 – Friday is the best day to play hooky from work and/or school.  Just don’t get caught.

3 – It is the first day of the week you can party late into the night and not worry about getting up early the next day.  Saturday being the second best day for such wild abandon.

2 – On Friday, you know someone, somewhere is having a happy hour and you’re invited.

1 – Friday rocks most, because it kicks off the weekend, Saturday and Sunday following. Our time to play, explore, rest, rejuvenate!

Why Monday has to be grouchy? Make it a POWER MONDAY! Coming soon…

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Thursday is here!

fridayHappy Thursday, Champs!

Be the reason someone smiles today.

You have the magic.

Progress towards a goal,

Living a life of meaning,

and make a difference in this world,

are not achieved in one big action,

but in small, unnoticed, consistent, daily actions and habit.

Motivation is what makes you start,

but habit is what keeps you going.

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What is H-Day?





























Hday is

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takeoff-tuesday3Good Morning Champs/ POWER TUESDAY

Today is the day you claim your “POWER”. Monday is over and you’re picking up speed towards HAPPY FRIDAY, yeah!…In the meantime, you must stay the course, stay focus and keep pushing forward powerfully.

Don’t aim for survival, because only the weak survive. Set your sights high above the clouds and be steadfast towards your vision while inching your achievements in micro goals. Don’t let the Nay Sayers get you down because they are nothing but weak survivors. You’re a “POWER THRIVER” that aims for greatness.

Einstein said, “Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” It’s the middle of the week. It’s time to grasp the opportunities that come your way. You are on the rising curve. Use your motivation, resilience and action to reach the peak.

Keep The Aim High My Friends

The RS Team, Unleashing the HANH in you.

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M|M|C Report – Do Mondays suck?


Well, it’s finally here. The science is out on why MONDAYS sucks so bad. THANK YOU Mr. & Mrs. SCIENTIST, we really needed that. I wonder how much money and time was spent on such research, just wondering if it could have been better spent elsewhere.

It’s not bad enough for you to drag your half dead ass out of bed to go to some job that you hate, but the science is out to reinforce the reasons why you feel the MM Blues and why you’re such a miserable loser, especially if you’re over 40. This researcher either have lots of time and money to burn, very desperate for some recognition or really needed to validate he/she is a real scientist. Whoopi doo…The Nobel peace prize awaits you on this one, yeah, right, about a thousand years from now.

I think they take pride wallowing in our misery, like it’s not difficult enough, so let me show you how bad it really is. Why do we feel the need to be so negative driven all the time? Maybe it’s because BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST and the good news somehow never reaches us. We are so attention hungry that we’ll do whatever to get the focus on us, look at me, look at me I really need you to look at me.

Can we not find better ways to spend research money? How about finding a way to cut the work week down from five to four, a way to work less and increase productivity and income, a way for employers to create a stress free environment for employees etc. We should be able to do that with all the technology available today. Mondays should not and would not be an issue because you’re either starting your work week on Tuesday or you’ll be working from home in your PJ’s on Mondays. What’s even better, is knowing that you only have four days of this. I think production will jump to unbelievable levels and people’s job attitudes and health will increase to un-imaginable heights. Results,.. WIN_WIN_WIN for all. Aren’t these better ways to spend research money?

I am not listing anything from the article. Here’s the link if you want to read it.


The RS Team

Unleashing the HANH in you


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W|D|R – Motivation

fire-stephen coveyWe all have days when we’re not feeling it, and those days are more often than we want.

The pressures of life grabs a hold of us and seems like it will not let go, which put us on the motivation scale at a number we really don’t want to be. It’s like trying to lose weight, we exercise, eat right and do all the things we’re told to do, but when we step on the scale the number hasn’t change. It’s tough to stay motivated when you don’t get the results you’re looking for and in the time frame you’re looking for it. But as we know, it doesn’t always work that way. Things rarely happens in the time we want it to happen, and success does not come before motivation or happiness, MOTIVATION always have to be first, it thrives on being number one.

I think if we have an understanding of what motivation is, it will be easier to keep pushing forward even through the toughest of times, and we will find that eventually, it will become a part of our neuro system, and we will no longer need to think about it anymore, we’ll simply just be.

Briefly, motivation derives from three core aspects of our internal configuration: our personality, our self-concept, and our expectations. I would like to comment on the last two. For our self-concept boils down, basically, to our beliefs about our self; and our expectations boil down, basically, to our beliefs about future outcomes. Put it another way, our motivation is critically linked to our internally focused beliefs, and our externally focused beliefs. In short, our beliefs per se play a staggering role in our motivations or lack thereof.

Thus it is that if we want to improve our performance in any area we need to consider what we believe about our self and about the external environment in which we operate. It is no accident that the word “confidence” comes from the Latin root, con-meaning with and fidence-meaning faith, so “with faith”, or “with belief” underpins all motivation, all performance, and so all achievement. Confidence and Motivation are twins, they do not work separately because they’re synchronized as one.

Here are a few ways you can use to help build your confidence. When it comes to powerful, effective communication, the truth is how you say your words matters far more than the words themselves!, hence the blind boy story…google it.

CONFIDENCE IN YOUR VOICE MATTERS. That’s right! The way your voice sounds is an unbelievably critical component in any successful communication. Create a vocal masterpiece with your voice. Learn to speak with subtle authority, and I do not mean screaming at people, pay attention to the Volume, Tone, Pitch, Melody and Pace. Think of a singer or an orchestra playing beautiful music.

This will not happen overnight, but don’t get disappointed and never stop learning. Remember, perseverance is more important than talent and everything can be learned if you’re willing to spend the time learning it.

To keep yourself motivated along the way of building confidence, you need to pay attention to the small stuff, the small successes; they are important to your grand achievement. Too often we wait for the big event to celebrate, forgetting that without the small successes the big one wouldn’t have happened at all. Therefore, along your way to achieving the confident you, remember to celebrate, celebrate and celebrate, and when you feel like you’re getting a bit down, get up, shake it off, shake it up and move on….Get out of the mud, wash yourself off and get going, because the grand success is only 3mm away. Stay motivated my friends.

The RS Team

Unleashing the HANH in you

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