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M|M|C Report – The Power of Positive Doing


Happy Monday, Champs! Please read the below post created by B J Gallagher. Belief will make us stronger, but commitment will equip us with superpower. Do you want to own that superpower? Be accountable. Enjoy and share. Such a powerful and touching piece.

I want to be that person

By B J Gallagher

I believe that positive thinking must be accompanied by positive doing, and I commit to getting into action.

I believe that action alleviates anxiety, and I commit to taking the first step.

I believe that even when we can’t do everything, we can always do something, and I commit to doing whatever I can, wherever I can, whenever I can.

I believe that little steps can bring about big changes, and I commit to putting one foot in front of the other.

I believe that we each create out own future, and I commit to being accountable for my choices.

I believe in focusing on what I can do, instead of what I can’t do, and I commit to looking for possibilities and opportunities.

I believe that time is my most precious asset, and I commit to making the most of each moment, each hour, every day.

I believe that success is about progress, not perfection, and I commit to celebrating my accomplishments no matter how small.

I believe that life is lived in relationships with others, and I commit to getting good at getting along.

I believe that true happiness and fulfillment come from serving others, and I commit to living my life in service and contribution.

I believe that one person can make a big difference… and I commit to being that person.

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See you at home…

see you at home

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You must have said this to your loved ones, “See you at home.” It’s such a plain and normal sentence in our daily life, but have you thought of what it actually means?

“See you at home.” is an expression of comfort and relax. When we say it to someone, we are saying “I feel comfortable being with you, so see you later.”; when we hear someone say it, we know that he will be there when we get home, such an affirmation of accompany.

“See you at home.” is an expression of love and care. Before you leave home for work, a “See you at home.” with a kiss or hug tells you that you’re loved. Someone will be expecting you to come home later that day. Isn’t it a relief knowing that there’s a light there turned on for you at your doorstep?

“See you at home.” is an expression of wish and bless. If you are to go for a business trip, whether by plane or drive, a “See you at home.” is the simplest expression of “Be safe and be back soon.”

“See you at home.” is an expression of forgive and acceptance. Imagine you leave home after a conflict, when your text message says, “See you at home.”, do you still hold that grudge or resentment? You know everything will be fine when you get home.

If you can say “See you at home.” to someone, please cherish and appreciate the person you are talking to. Life is beautiful, not only because of those luxurious vacations, or fresh roses, or unexpected surprises, it’s the small things like “See you at home.” that makes that love simple, natural and everlasting.

A piece as a tribute to a friend’s new stage in life.


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W|D|R – Miracles in Communication

love-relationships Do you want better health, better relationships and make more money? If you truly do and believe you can achieve it, then the number one thing to work on is your communication. It is known to create miracles in people’s lives every day but, it comes with some level of gentle boldness which is attached to our self-esteem. We communicate the way we are feeling at the moment (no control of emotions = no control of communication) and the end results always showed what we were communicating. I believe it’s important to learn how to control our thoughts and emotions, because when we do magic happens in our communication-life, it impacts our confidence and the outcome, which can be powerful.

Do you ever have a moment in your life when you feel unstoppable, where everything is going right, it’s like everything you touch turns to gold, a moment that seems like you can’t do any wrong? This is what I’m talking about. Why does it only have to happen sometimes? Why can’t we make it happen anytime we want? This is the power of confidence in ones’ ability to move mountains when chose to. That’s the power of miracle, magic or what ever words you chose to use. These are the power of communication in action, but it always starts with oneself

This is a wonderful Story that demonstrate how simple yet powerful communication can be. Go through it and realize the miracle in using the right words.


A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet.

He held up a sign which said: ”I am blind, please help.”

There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by…

He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat.

He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words.

He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words

Soon the hat began to fill up….

A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy.

That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were.

The boy recognized his footsteps and asked,

‘Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?

The man said, ‘I only wrote the truth.

I said what you said but in a different way.

‘What he had written was: “Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.”

Do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing? Of course. They both tell people the boy is blind. But the difference is that, when people read the second sign, they come to realize how lucky they are to be able to see. Therefore, they feel so sorry that the poor boy is deprived of the ability to see the beautiful day, which most of the healthy people take for granted.

Communication can create miracles. You just need to keep practicing. Build confidence, develop your self-esteem, control your thoughts, control your words, control your actions and reap the MIRACLES…..

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7 candlesDo you remember those comparison/contrast essays you had to write in High School? I do. Recently I have been reflecting on those days and a thought came to me prompting me to compare “true friendships” to 7 candlesticks of friendship. Yes it means one friend represented by a candle to match the seven days of the week.

As I engage in this activity, I am convinced that sometimes when true friendships are dissolved, that can deeply bruise the souls. With such predicament, wisdom endears us to ask the question, what was my role in this? 7 Candlesticks of friendship challenge us to examine our roles in our “true friendships”. Like a knife in the hand of a skilled craftsman the handle of the knife and the blade of the knife are equally important. Likewise, in 7 candlesticks of friendship, it is irrelevant whether you are a candlestick in the friendship or an actual candle. Greater yet, let’s not forget the torch that ignites the potential power of what’s inside the actual candle. (Wick) Therefore, the candle is just as important as the candelabra. Continue reading

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H-Day – Miracle continues

miraclehdrDo you ever had a situation in your life that you wish a miracle would happen and the situation  would disappear?

Do you ever had a situation where as the miracle did happened and the situation did disappear? Continue reading

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The Rainbow of His Creation


When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

We observe the interplay of different generations.

Two extremes highlight a pattern.

Blacks and whites with inner shades,

Together we project a rainbow tree.

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say: Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

The interplay of shades are truly dependent.

Characters forming across the gentle sky

Take your place and defend your territory

Impossible to hold, be free to admire.

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say:  Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

The blend of differences, the similarity of strength,

You are vibrant, yes, outstanding

Simply natural, flavored with giant promises

Stand with me, our potential to behold.

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say: Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

Look beyond our color scheme.

Strong, courageous, and breathtaking,

If you love the shade magenta

Do not change the painters brush!

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say: Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

Do you see that line dividing?

Colors blend, Oh so picturesque;

Stand in cue for recognition

That will make your name a vision.

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say: Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

When we gaze upon His rainbow of creation!

Shadows cascading, uniquely blended.

Circle now for unity

Such a presence, colors of our world!

Let’s align ourselves for rainbow promises.

Like the rainbow, unless there is a beautiful you

Who would I be similar to?

And the people say:  Because smiling rainbows must appear

To change their patterns but keep their shades.

To God Be The Glory!

Erma. Washington

February 23rd,2010

All rights reserved. No editing of material unless authorized by the author.

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M|M|C Report – Miracles do happen


Happy Monday, Champs!

When you complain about “It’s Monday again.”; when you can’t get along well in your relationships; when you are stuck in your job; or when you discover the dark side in your personality, what would you do? Have you ever thought about all the issues in your life are gone and you can live the life you want? Have you ever dreamed of a miracle happens that afterwards everything is fine?

Actually, believe it or not, miracles do happen! Continue reading


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W|D|R – We are stronger than we think we are

strongerIn one chapter of Daniel Jones book “Love Illuminated”, he talked about devotion. Following the name of the book, he focuses mainly on a person’s devotion to their significant others. The stories he presented put me into thinking for a long time.

I agree with him that life always throws us unexpected curve balls. We can’t know what we are going to feel, until we are in the situation, which could be a cancer diagnosis, a traumatic brain injury, a deep depression or any life-death situation. Take it a step further, there are situations falling out of the black-white spectrum, which entails emotional and moral decisions, such as how to deal with an HIV-positive partner, how to face a transsexual spouse. The moment we are in it, the actions we think “I could never do that”, comes natural to us, but we always find a way to deal with it. That is the greatest thing about love. That is the devotion we are talking about, which comes in different ways, different levels and represents in different relationships.

My life is pretty smooth, not many ups and downs, no drama. But we did experience some hard times along the way. After our son was born, our life became somewhat chaotic. We both worked full-time, so the kids had to be in daycare. The morning routine, the concerns of the babies while at work and the evening rushes was devastating at times. However, we managed to live through that period. How? We just did it, one thing after another without even thinking about how hard it was. Thinking back, staying as a team and making everything function is also a kind of devotion, just like staying home with the kids when they need you rather than going out to have fun with friends. It is not a big deal, but it represents what is more important to you in your life.

A friend of mine used to have some hard times after his divorce. His ex kept making it hard or even impossible for him to visit the kids. She didn’t talk to him and tried to keep the kids away from him as much as possible. She even moved the kids far away so that he couldn’t find them. What is a dad’s devotion? I don’t want to say “father”, as they say any man can be a father biologically, but not every man can be a dad. He did all he could to locate the kids; after locating them he kept daily conversations with them, literally, day by day, talking to them; supporting them mentally and financially and being there for them whenever they need him. He taught them how to be confident, independent and positive; how to communicate, reach solutions and live life to its fullest. He can be on the phone with the kids for hours. It is an enjoyment looking at him talking to his children. He is the funniest and the most inspiring dad I know. He’s been doing this day after day for almost eight years and he’s still doing it. Isn’t he a devoted dad? No one can deny that.

Like we said at the beginning, life can be tough and miserable, but love can make it smooth and miraculous. Love is always immediate and personal. We have the power to make our lives great if we choose to and  want it bad enough. When we find ourselves in tough situations, we can always, always find a way out. Approach everything with LOVE and make your life better.

Muscles can split a shield, but only the unseen power of love can warm the hearts of men.

Og Mandino

We are stronger than we think we are.



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Shalom: A Heart Felt Message of Peace


by Erma Washington. (Shalom)

It is with great pleasure that I esteem those who work tirelessly in the marketplace to earn a living while formulating friendships that will last a lifetime if given the privilege to formulate such great bonds. I take this opportunity then, to extend to you the spirit of “Shalom” which means Peace.  I believe that with the high demand in our work life we are often left depleted of the natural vigour and vitality necessary to find our own virtue.

What does Shalom look like?  It is a deliberate expression in our eyes which reflects the degree of Shalom deep inside.  It is expressed in our speech, our smiles, our laughter, our performance, our touch, our giving, our sharing, and lastly our attitude in receiving tangible or non tangible gifts.

Shalom brings about a change in character and perception which highlights the best in the worst situations.  The benefits of Shalom are immeasurable and should be fiercely pursued.

How do we get and keep Shalom?  It starts with a simple reminder which I hope this message will be for all of us.  It enters our hearts and begins to multiply among each other. The spirit of Shalom can be experienced individually, but should be celebrated collectively.

There is an analogy that says, inside the mind of a teacher is a school, inside the mind of a CEO is a corporation and inside the mind of a preacher is a church. Likewise, inside the mind of every conscientious individual is the potential to experience Shalom. The main criteria to obtain Shalom, is to consciously pursue it.  If we stay in that attitude of searching and seeking we will finally gain the mastery.    

For the sake of the next generation we must recapture Shalom and demonstrate the evidence of its purity. We all have some degree of Shalom in our lives, but we must learn how to bask in it to recognize its heightened pleasure.

The true spirit of Shalom can only be experienced with its full entourage, therefore, let us not settle for the city with its defined limits but rather settle for the province.

For me, Shalom is a sweet aroma.  A signature fragrance deemed good for the world but especially good for the workplace, even a fragrance free workplace.

I believe Shalom is the birthplace of love, joy, contentment, good health and emotional wellbeing. The nice thing about sharing the essence of Shalom is that the more it is expressed, the stronger the essence becomes.  Since love, joy and contentment are off springs of Shalom I know we are carriers of this sweet aroma.

I challenge everyone who reads this article to celebrate from your hearts. True celebration is not from the emotional threshold of merely being caught up in getting and receiving gifts but from a heart felt conviction that gives us value for life.

In closing, let us pursue, keep and express Shalom to each other at home, work, school, and church.  Figuratively speaking, let’s greet each other with Shalom in an effort to enrich our world for which we are all citizens and heirs of Shalom!

Erma Washington. (Shalom)

All rights reserved, no editing of material allowed unless authorized by the author.


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H-Day – Celebrate your very own holiday!


Today is my best buddy’s birthday. I thought he didn’t want to celebrate, but happy for him when he says he doesn’t want to stay outside late because it is his birthday. Hey, buddy, no matter what, celebrate your birthday the way you like it.

Speaking of celebrating birthdays, I tried to do some searches on what people think on their birthdays. Here are a few: Continue reading


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